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Material Handling Product Units

After nearly 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Lisen Automation Group, as a logistics solutions company, has five product series, automated sorting, automated storage, robotics integration, mobile robot, and visual technology. Lisen Automation Group has achieved great progresses among lots of logistics automation companies in the world. It has become a logistics solution provider, providing flexible, reliable and efficient intelligent manufacturing solutions for all industries around the world, helping enterprises improve logistics efficiency and realize intelligent upgrading.

Automated Sorting

To provide customers with intelligent sorting solutions under different application scenarios to achieve the sustainable development goal of efficiency and cost reduction.

Automated Storage

Automated storage is to realize intelligent logistics for customers through informatization, Internet of things and mechatronics, so as to reduce warehousing costs, improve operational efficiency and enhance warehousing management ability.

Robotics Integration

The robotic integration business unit is committed to the intelligent upgrading of the factory and can provide you with one-stop service of smart logistics consulting, planning, process optimization and project implementation.

Mobile Robot

The mobile robot business unit focuses on the development and application of logistics mobile robot technology and has successfully developed various types of robots to realize intelligent picking, accurate handling and optimized storage in production, warehouse and distribution centre.

Visual Technology

Lisen Automation vision technology center has a strong ability to develop artificial intelligence algorithms, independently develop 3D / 2D vision products, provide customized technical solutions, and help the industry realize the whole process of automation.

Material Handling System Industry Solutions

Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, provides integrated logistics automation solutions from advisory to project construction, committed to helping customer reduce cost, improve efficiency and realize optimization of production.

Work as hard as we can, develop as endless as possible

We strive to provide intelligent logistic comprehensive solutions and advanced equipment for you.

Lisen Intelligent Logistics Comprehensive Solutions
About Lisen

Lisen group is a national high-tech enterprise providing intelligent logistics comprehensive solutions and application technology and equipment.

It's important to embrace an open mentality, with respect to equality and justice. Through the continual innovation of ideas and technology, our enterprise develops in an ongoing forward direction, so does our employees and partners together we achieve a mutual benefit with a win-win result, our goal is to build a technology and service orientated enterprise as well as a material handling expert.

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Lisen Automation was established in 2003.


More than 150 engineers and technicians


200 patented technologies


9 subsidiaries under the group


5 business units

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