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The autonomous mobile robotics companies focus on robot technology in smart logistics applications. After years of exploration, it has self-independently developed a variety of AGVs, which adopt advanced core technology and can optimize storage, picking and handling of goods in environments such as production, warehouses and distribution centers according to configurable guidance paths. With rich design of  mobile robot's applications performances, the AGVs are committed to helping customers save energy and reduce costs, and realizing the optimization and improvement of enterprise production management. Now, there exist several kinds of autonomous mobile robot (amr), including omnidirectional mobile robot, mobile manipulator robot, mobile collaborative robots, industrial mobile robot, holonomic wheeled mobile robots, etc. Autonomous mobile robots manufacturers offer customized mobile robotics project with resonable prices.

Product applicable industries:logistics and warehousing industry, express sorting industry, e-commerce industry, food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, machinery industry, medical logistics industry, other industries.

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    The moving speed of laser forklift AGV can reach 116 meters per minute.
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    Positioning accuracy of four way shuttle is ±3mm.
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    20 mobile robot patents.
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    Robot can work 24 hours without shutdown.

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  • Rabbit Sorter
Rabbit Sorter
  • AGV system AGV system


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