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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Composite Material

Composite Material Industry Solutions

  • The global composite material market grows fast.

  • Wide application fields such as aviation aerospace field, automobile, chemical, textile, machinery manufacturing field, etc.

  • Fibre-reinforced material is most widely and mostly used at present.

  • The materials types are various.

  • Development trends towards multi-function composite material.

  • New technologies constantly emerge and are developed.

  • The R & D of nanocomposite becomes a new focus.

  • Environmental protection and low carbonization awareness are enhanced, and products trends to green development.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Composite Material

Lisen Automation Solutions

The application scope of composite material is wide, from daily chemical products to the national defence industry, closely bound up with people's life. With the development of social science and technology, there are more and more challenges in the development of the composite material industry. Lisen Automation, as one of logistics automation companies, provides you with mobile robotics integration equipment, which offers automation and informatization service in logistics & warehousing, product cutting, stacking & distribution, and it's applicable for automobile interior trim, helmet, glasses and other industries.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Composite Material

  • ASRS warehouse management system solution.

  • Automated product cutting solution.

  • Raw material and accessory distribution solution.

  • Auto control system.

  • Computer management system.

  • Visual application system.

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