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Loop Cross-belt Sorter

Crossbelt sorter: cross belt sorter system is mainly composed of parcel supply, sorter host, parcel discharging, and control system the four sections. The parcels' induction in the cross belt sorter conveyor is carried out through the control of the control system. Then the parcel discharging system will complete the sortation and temporary placement according to parcel destination, realizing the function of sorting parcel. 

Lisen Automation cross belt sorter features high efficiency and low consumption, high speed and low noise, high cost-performance and low failure rate. The technologies such as low energy consumption of loop sorter,  servo drive of vertical cross belt and low-noise loop running mechanism have achieved the advanced level in the world, top level in China. With 12000pcs per hour handling capacity, it's one of the best choices of sorter equipment for e-commerce, express, apparel and some other industries in China. Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, will provide perfect one-stop services for the customers. Further information about this materials handling system can be achieved by contacting us.

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