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Four Major Devices of Logistics Auto Sorting System

In a complete automated logistics warehousing system, the auto sorting system is the core link of warehousing and transportation. In terms of sorting efficiency, the auto sorting system is several times that of manual sorting, and the accuracy rate is much higher than that of manual sorting. This article will let you understand the automatic sorting through the four major devices of the auto sorting system.

1. The control device of the logistics sorting system

The function of the control device of the auto sorting system is to identify, receive and process the sorting signal, and instruct the sorting device according to the requirements of the sorting signal to automatically classify the goods according to the type of commodity, the place of delivery of the commodity, or the category of the owner.

These sorting requirements can be input into the sorting control system in different ways, such as barcode scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, voice recognition, height detection and shape recognition, etc. According to the judgment of these sorting signals, it can decide which sorting channel a certain kind of goods should enter.

2. The classification device of logistics sorting system

The classification device of the logistics sorting system will receive a sorting instruction issued by the control device, and when the goods with the same sorting signal pass through the device, it will act to change the direction of the goods on the conveying device to enter other conveying devices or enter the sorting gate.

There are many types of classification devices for auto sorting systems, generally there are push-out type, floating type, tilt type and branch type. Different devices have not exactly the same requirements on the packaging materials, packaging weight, and smoothness of the bottom surface of the packaging of goods to be sorted.

3. The conveying device of logistics sorting system

Its main component is a conveyor belt or conveyor. Its main function is to make the goods to be sorted pass through the control device and the classification device, and the two sides of the conveying device are generally connected to several sorting crossings to make the sorted goods slide down so that the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) can conduct subsequent operations.

4. The sorting crossing of logistics sorting system

The sorting crossing is the channel through which the sorted goods leave the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) and enter the collection area, such as a glass fiber chute, which connects the sorting device and the conveying device, so that the goods slide from the main conveying device to the collection platform, where the staff will collect all the goods at the crossing or store them in the warehouse, or carry out loading and distribution operations.


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