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Generous! Up to RMB9600 allowance by Lisen Automation for who will not go back to hometown during Spring Festival holiday!!!

The Chinese Lunar New Year is getting closer, and people’s plan for backing to hometown is gradually put on agenda. During the traditional festival with most population flow in the country, backing home and family reunion for spending the New Year time is always the most honest wish.

However, with the epidemic spreading in some cities, panic still pervades the cold winter. Back, there is a far way to go and some difficulties to face, but not back, the missing for family can not be cured. Think over and over, then everyone gets a new title just in a day from a notice released by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China. That’s we all become the “Yuan Nian Ren-Person staying in existing place” for this Spring Festival in this year, no matter you are a “corporate slave” or “Foodie”.

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

There are thousands of reasons for backing to hometown, but only one reason for not back, which is prevention from the epidemic and reduction of movement. The governments in all cities call for not returning home unless there is a big necessary, and advocate people to spend the New Year locally. Though we are separated in physical space by the epidemic, the heart warmth still can be conveyed. To respond to the national call and encourage everyone to be a “Yuan Nian Ren”, Lisen Automation has specially prepared a Spring Festival “Big gift pack” for those employee who will not go back home. That’s so generous and let’s go to get the real money.

Allowance notice for Spring Festival

For the Lisen people who need to work during the New Year holiday from February 7, 2021 to February 18, 2021, company will provide free board and lodging, and offer RMB300 allowance each person per day in addition to daily salary. The accumulated allowance can be up to RMB3600!

As for the employee who are going to medium or high risk epidemic areas for a business trip, they can get the RMB300 allowance each person per day since the day and their relevant transportation fee for back home can be reimbursed. If staying on site, during the agreed time, they can get the allowance even not on duty. From January 18, 2021 to February 18, 2021, the accumulated allowance can be up to RMB9600! If still staying in medium or high risk epidemic areas on a business trip after New Year holiday, they will be awarded extra big performance bonus each month!

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

There is a popular saying on the internet recently, "Other than safety isolation for 14 days after returning home, it's better to stay in company to earn more thousands." In Lisen Automation, we are honest to tell that it’s not a problem that your income doubles the previous. Lisen Automation presents heart other than "salary", even the epidemic in the cold winter, the heart warmth is always on line.

During the New Year holiday, except for normal board and lodging, company will also purchase extra fresh meat and vegetables and store them in dining hall for resident personnel so that they can cook by themselves for a better meal. If the epidemic condition permits, the New Year Eve dinner will be planned in company. Though they can not get reunion with family, the colleagues will get together and have a banquet so that the day is still full filled with love.

The company entertainment room and multi-media room will be open as usual during the holiday. In the spare time after work, the employee can play ball game and watch a movie, so that work and play facilitate each other. It’s a not bad choice staying where you are to spend a good New Year, ensuring yourself and family safe, then returning home in flower blooming Spring.

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

What do you think for staying where you are to spend the New Year?

"Since our country calls for not returning to hometown, I'm willing to be an example, and my parents also support me that I should stay here." Yinghui Chen, director of Lisen Business Training Institute has worked in Lisen for many years, where it’s been 4 years not returning home for New Year spending, and his promise that he will go back this New Year can not be fulfilled either. “ In fact, I'm guilty to my parents in my heart, but there are also many advantages, for example there will be no risk for them by my movement, and I can visit them after the holiday in Spring.”

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

Fangning Wu, who is stationed at Shatin LC004 project site, originally planned to return home for New year, but he resolutely decided to stay resident because the project site need a suitable person to follow up. “I’m familiar with the site environment and problem will be solved more quickly if I stay. Since company requires such a person, I want to contribute my tiny power.”

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

The epidemic is ruthless but there is love in the world. Here, Lisen Automation wants to express sincere thanks and lofty respect to resident colleagues for their understanding and support. Also Lisen Automation kindly advises those who will return home: to pay attention to self-protection, and arrive safely.

In the holiday, epidemic prevention in company will never relax. Arranged manpower to perform daily disinfection and registration, also purchased automatic body temperature detector and infrared induction handwashing fluid, anyway non-contact is more safe. Hope everyone to have a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival. Believe the light of dawn will come whatever, and we will win the epidemic.

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600

Lisen Automation Generous Up to RMb9600


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