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Lisen Automation Culture


  • Be the leading designer of automated and intelligent equipment and logistics solution. 

  • Practice the outlines of Industrial 4.0 and Made in China 2025, to be an industrial leader in the intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics. To become a professional logistics solution provider.


  • Build a learning organization and make employee's dream come true.

  • To learn to know, let knowledge transformation skills, improve employee's overall quality, create a strong and powerful learning team. Improve materials handling system and promote the innovation of industrial mobile robot.



Open, Equal, Innovative, Win-win

Open: Absorb and utilize internal and external resources of the enterprise, to continuously improve the managing level and self-innovation capability with an open mind.

Equal: Talent is the driving force of the enterprise. Insist on people-orientation, respect every employee equally and everyone has equal development opportunities.

Innovative: The leader takes creative thought to guarantee the correct development direction of the enterprise, and staffs improve the working and production efficiency by technological innovation.

Win-win: Company and staff get mutual benefits via the win-win principle, to develop together under a positive attitude.

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