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SAMPE 2021 |  Lisen Automation appears in the international advanced composite Exhibition

From July 7 to July 9, SAMPE China 2021 conference and the 16th international advanced composite products, raw materials, tooling and Engineering Application Exhibition were grandly held in China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Hall) in Beijing. Lisen Automation carrying CO2 robot non-metallic laser cutting workstation and intelligent mold storage system were unveiled at the exhibition.



Lisen Automation Exhibition Guide

July 7-july 9, 2021

Beijing · China International Exhibition Center

(Jing'an Villa)

Hall 5 d408


Exhibit 1: Nonmetal laser cutting robot


"If a worker wants to do well, he must sharpen his tools first." Non metallic laser cutting robot is widely used in various composite materials, lightweight materials and non-metallic materials because of its good cutting quality, high cutting efficiency, fast cutting speed and flexible mode, which brings significant economic benefits to enterprises.



Lisen Automation CO2 robot non-metallic laser cutting workstation adopts FANUC robot, CO2 RF laser and AK230 cut series cutting head, which is suitable for high-precision optical fiber laser cutting of outer frame and hole position. It has the characteristics of high speed and less thermal deformation. The robot is flexibly programmed, which can meet the cutting requirements of different products, and can be applied to automobile interior decoration, home appliance shell 3D processing of composite materials with complex structures such as daily chemical products, helmet protection materials, UAV new materials and so on


The CO2 robot non-metallic laser cutting workstation of Lisen Automation appeared in the composite materials exhibition, which attracted the attention of many visitors and exhibitors.


Exhibit 2: Intelligent mold storage system


With the development of industry 4.0, automatic operation and intelligent management, how to improve operation efficiency, storage density and flexibility while taking into account cost performance has become the focus of many industrial enterprises.


Intelligent mold storage is the first set of intelligent mold storage management system independently developed by Lisen Automation. It is the first in the country. It is the first time to show up in this exhibition. The system adopts advanced technologies such as intelligent AGV, three-dimensional storage and cloud computing, which greatly improves the work efficiency and storage space utilization. Compared with the ordinary three-dimensional warehouse, the intelligent mold warehouse has lower cost and higher floor area ratio. The system records and traces the data of molds or products in an all-round way, with low cost, high efficiency and more security. It can be applied to 3C products, electronics and appliances, automobiles, military aerospace, precision molds and other industries, and effectively realize the intelligent upgrading of industrial warehouse management!


At present, the intelligent mold storage system has obtained 1 invention patent, 3 utility model patents and 1 software copyright registration; Three invention patents and one utility model patent have been applied in transit, with a complete set of independent intellectual property rights.



The exhibition lasted for three days. At the booth of Lisen Automation, many customers stopped to communicate with the staff, were deeply interested in Lisen Automation's CO2 robot non-metallic laser cutting workstation and intelligent mold storage system, and highly recognized Lisen Automation's solution. Lisen Automation will also continue to focus on the actual needs and pain points of various industries, continue to strengthen technological innovation and R & D, and provide users with more intelligent logistics solutions.


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