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Lisen Automation Social Responsibility

Lisen Automation is not only in continuous innovation, positive development, and strive to create profits, but also in giving back to the society as much as possible to fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations of every enterprise.

In response to the call of the central government, we adhere to the concept of sustainable scientific development, implement the strategy of "going out", make good use of two kinds of resources and two markets, so as to ensure the safe operation of the economy, continuously expand the scale of enterprises. Lisen Automation, as a logistics solution provider, spares no efforts to expand the share of tax payment, complete the task of tax payment, and make great contributions to the development of the country.

Enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the employees

We are people-oriented and care for employees. In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the workers, ease the tension of the workers, meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the workers, advocate healthy cultural habits, cultivate everyone's interest in sports activities, establish correct labor values, and establish a harmonious working environment, Lisen Automation specially prepared an activity room for workers understanding each other and cultivate sentiment in their leisure time.

Lisen Automation Social Responsibility

Lisen Automation Social Responsibility

Lisen Automation Social Responsibility

Positively implement corporate social responsibility

We strengthen the construction of corporate integrity, implement corporate social responsibility, improve the quality management system, ensure the authenticity of products, maintain the order of the market, and protect the interests of the people. We are committed to improving the materials handling system, upgrading the performance of our mobile manipulator robot, and promoting the development of the whole industry. At the same time, we seriously treat the tax management work of enterprises, strive to pay taxes in accordance with the law, standardize the operation and enhance the reputation. For four consecutive years, we have been rated as a "contract abiding and credit valuing enterprise", which bear the social responsibility of courtesy and honesty.

Lisen Automation Social Responsibility

Strengthen scientific management and pay attention to environmental protection. We have successively passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. Since the establishment of the system, we have not had any accidents or received any environmental complaints, and which have taken on the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining natural harmony.

Actively participate in public welfare activities

We are enthusiastic about public welfare, actively develop charity, respond to the municipal government's call, we organized employees to carry out voluntary blood donation activities. Since 2016, we have organized voluntary blood donation activities for public welfare every year to convey the hope of love with practical actions, showing the good corporate image of Lisen Automation

Lisen Automation Social Responsibility


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