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The Working Process of Auto Sorting System in E-commerce Warehouse

An auto sorting system is composed of a conveying part, a volume measurement part, a weighing part, a bar code recognition part and a control system. It can be roughly divided into four stages: confluence, sorting signal input, diverging and sorting.

1. Confluence of auto sorting systems

The materials picked from different positions according to the picking instructions are sent to the pre-processing equipment in a certain way, and are collected by the pre-processing equipment to the main conveyor line. This process is called confluence.

2. Signal input of auto sorting system


The materials arriving on the main conveyor line by the signal input, and the basic information of the material is read through the automatic identification device (such as barcode scanner, volume measurement, weighing, etc.), and the computer processes the read material information accordingly. This process is called the signal input of the sorting system.

3. Diverging of auto sorting system

After the material information is read into the computer system, it continues to move on the main conveyor line. The storage shelf auto sorting system detects the moving position of the material in real time. When the material reaches the corresponding sorting gate, the control system sends a sorting instruction to the sorting organization. The classification mechanism immediately produces corresponding actions to make the materials enter the corresponding sorting gates. This process is called diverging.

4. Distribution of auto sorting system

The materials entering the sorting gates finally reach the terminal of the sorting system, and are transported to the corresponding areas by manual or mechanical handling tools.

Automated sorting reduces a lot of labor costs for enterprises, and at the same time accelerates the accurate and efficient work progress of enterprises, making it easier for enterprises to manage and store goods. The stored data can ensure the safety of goods sorting and later traceability, and at the same time, it can also ensure that the goods are sorted correctly.


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