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Day 1: Focusing on the Scene, Lisen Automation New Appearance in Guangzhou LET International Logistics Exhibition

On 25th, May, the China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition(Guangzhou) opened in the Canton Fair complex. There are more than 400 domestic and international logistics equipment brands attending, and Lisen Automation as a specially invited exhibitor, attracted a lot of attention as soon as it appeared.


Lisen Automation mainly exhibits digital platform of logistics system, robotic mixed palletizing system, jacking handling AGV, mobile collaborative robot, and miniature scene-based application demonstration, bringing visitors visual impact and experience on intelligent robots.

The hard working handling robots (mixed palletizing and de-palletizing robots) arouse great interest of visitors who stop and watch them.

Suck and move, action smoothly without any delay or jamming.


The jacking load transfer AGV runs back and forth to show the audience in front of them its flexibility.


The mobile collaborative robot at another side is also busy delivering gifts to customers.

lisenautomation-11.jpg lisenautomation-12.jpg

In contrast, the digital platform of logistics sytem is quiet, and is recording and displaying the real-time data of its companions all the devices as well as visitor volume. It monitors all the conditions silently.


The first day has been spectacular with a continuous stream of visitors coming to the site. The 4 conversation areas prepared by Lisen Automation were all full of people. The customer managers gave detailed explanation to visitors, even drew and wrote notes for them, striving to provide optimal logistics solutions for the customers with different demands from different industries, which fully shows the profession ability and sincere attitude of Lisen Automation.

lisenautomation-14.jpg lisenautomation-15.jpg

lisenautomation-16.jpg lisenautomation-17.jpg

lisenautomation-18.jpg lisenautomation-19.jpg


We will keep focusing on the exhibition event to bring more wonderful news.

The exhibition still has 2 days to go.

Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition

LET-a CeMAT ASIA event

Booth No.D15, hall 10.1, area B.

Lisen Automation looking forward to your visiting!



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