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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Machinery

Machinery Industry Solutions

  • Informatization and intelligence become the leading directions of the industry.

  • Intensive labor, high cost.

  • The process becomes more flexible and adaptable.

  • Precision parts are diverse. Ultra-precision processing, microcomputer processing, super high-speed cutting, etc.

  • Customized and humanized development of product meet the need for a specific customer base.

  • Short of senior engineer, there is a huge demand for talents.

  • Seek for high quality and high efficiency. Automatic sorting system is needed to save time and improve efficiency.

  • Environmental protection and low carbonization.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Machinery

Lisen Automation Solutions

In terms of machinery automation and robotics, the machinery manufacturing industry features discrete manufacturing as the main, process manufacturing as a supplement, assembly manufacturing as the focus. The development of the modern machinery equipment manufacturing industry, with the help of robot packing machine, mainly focuses on value-added service and optimization of supply chain management, two aspects. From a single machine, a complete set of equipment to project general contracting, Lisen Automation, as a logistics solution provider, provides automatic production machines and the asrs automated storage solution for you to ensure continuous operation from your production to warehouse logistics and provides you with added value by improving equipment system performance and optimizing working capital.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Machinery

  • Outbound/inbound warehouse solution.

  • FIFO(first in first out) warehousing system.

  • Raw material and accessories distribution solution.

  • Automated storage solution.

  • Auto control system.

  • Computer management system.

  • Visual application system.

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