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What Are the Potential Problems when Installing Automated Warehouse?

Automated warehouses are also called high-bay warehouses. Usually several, dozens or even dozens of layers of shelves are used to store unit commodities. The correct installation can make the use safer.

So here we will share some problems that may be encountered during the installation of the automated warehouse in the future. Hope this can be helpful to everyone, the specific content is as follows:

1. The basic embedding problem of automated warehouses

If the foundation is not embedded as required, in addition to supervision and guidance during the installation process, this seems to be a more economical and timely way to correct the problem. After rework, the quality will usually be poor, the cost will increase, and the construction period will be extended.

2. Installation standards for automated warehouses

The installation benchmarks of automated warehouse racks are very important. The benchmark must be determined during the construction process. Many projects have not yet done so, causing some problems.

3. Safety sales of automated warehouses

The problem that is easy to overlook is the safety pin of the beam, and there are many accidents caused by this. In addition, the front and back lengths of the beams are often problematic. Therefore, at the end of the shelf installation, the length of the safety pins and beams must be carefully checked. The installer must develop good habits and avoid making mistakes.

4. Rail connection of automated warehouse

Rail connection is an important issue in the automated warehouse management system. Many poorly connected slide rails will not only affect the use, but also have the risk of breaking in the future.

5. Grounding of automated warehouses

The shelf of the automated warehouse needs to be grounded to avoid damage to the equipment caused by static electricity, which is also very important.


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