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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Electronics

3C Industry Solutions

  • Shipments of goods are continuously increasing.

  • New products and technologies constantly emerge.

  • Products are upgraded within a short period, frequently.

  • Competition is severe in the industry.

  • The demand for precision and performance of relevant production equipment are getting higher and higher.

  • Rising labor cost, increasing needs for automated equipment.

  • The density of future industrial mobile robot will approach the level in developed countries.

  • Complexity and diversity of requirements.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Electronics

Lisen Automation Solutions

Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, has 3D visual identity/guidance technology, which functions as the eye of the visual tracking system for automated vision inspection, combining 3D vision, image algorithm, AI algorithm, optics, software programming, communication protocol and some other technologies. The 3D visual identity/guidance technology acquires exterior and appearance information of customer products to build a product information database. It has the function of visual positioning and controlling. The performance of application equipment is highly stable. The 3D visual technology is usually used in automation in electronics, for latch fitting of various electronic products through the automation and electronic system.

  • Image algorithm camera acquisition and identity system.

  • Image segmentation and identity based on 3D visual image algorithm.

  • Robot data exchange system.

  • Robot motion design solution.

  • Computer management solution.

  • Visual application system.

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