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Warehouse Package Auto Sorting System

In order to achieve the purpose of automatic sorting, the auto sorting system usually consists of four parts: feeding system, sorting system, downloading system, and control system. Under the coordination of the control system, the items can enter the sorting system from the feeding system, and finally the physical location of the objects is sorted by the download system, so as to achieve the purpose of object sorting.

1. The feeding system of the auto sorting system

The feeding system is to realize the efficient and accurate processing of the sorting system. Its purpose is to ensure that the items waiting for sorting are accurately sent to the high-speed moving main sorting line through the identification and processing of information during the automatic measurement of various physical parameters.  Because the processing capacity of the feeding system is often lower than that of the main sorting line, it is generally necessary to equip a specific number of high-speed automatic feeding systems to ensure the needs of sorting.

2. Sorting system

The sorting system is the core of the whole system and the main execution system for sorting. Its purpose is to make the objects with various load information realize the distribution and combination on the basis of certain logical relationships.

3. The downloading system of the auto sorting system

The downloading system is the terminal equipment of the auto sorting system. Its purpose is to provide a temporary storage location for the sorted items and realize certain management functions.

4. Control system of auto sorting system

The control system is the brain of the entire sorting system. Its function is not only to organically combine the various functional modules in the system to coordinate work, but more importantly, the communication in the control system and the upper management system for data exchange ,so as to make the sorting system an integral part of the entire logistics system.


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