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Automated Put Wall

LISEN Automation Rabbit Sorter, or called putwall sorter, is a highly scalable, configurable, and cost-effective logistics sorting system, featuring excellent return on investment. Compared to traditional sorting equipment, Rabbit Logistical Sorter requires quite less site area, investment capital, labor, etc., and it can be inducted into auto sorting system for using in a short time.

This kind of industrial mobile robot comprises 4 parts, track system, automated sorting machine, package feeding station, and controlling system.

  • Automated Put Wall
  • 闪电兔.png
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • 闪电兔.png
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall
  • Automated Put Wall

Specification of Automated Put Wall

Parameter of Rabbit Sorter

Item name


Item name




Sorting efficiency


Chute quantity


Container size


Goods size


Goods weight


Package feeding station


Feeding method

Manual feeding

automatic barcode reading

Remark: chute quantity and package feeding station quantity can be customized according to actual project need.

Lisen Automation, as a logistics solution provider, can form the chute quantity and package feeding station quantity according to your customized requirements.

Rabbit Sorter-sorting robot parameter

Item name


Item name




Load capacity


Running speed


Communication method


Navigation method

Encoder + sensor

Power supply mode

Super capacitor

Supply voltage

60V DC

Electricity charging method

Sliding contact line

Electricity charging time


Drive mode

Servo motor

Advantages of Automated Put Wall

  • Diversity of business: Support a variety of business logics such as merging goods by order, parcel to destination, etc.

  • Flexible chute: Sorting chutes are flexible and configurable, adaptable to snack food, footwear & apparel, fresh food, cosmetics, 3C electronic products, mid-sized parcel, etc.

  • Modular configuration: With modular design, chute quantity, feeding station quantity and sorting efficiency can be flexibly extended.

  • Quick docking of automated put wall: Open software interface can be quickly connected to WMS, ERP and other systems.

Advantages of Automated Put Wall

Application Industries of Automated Put Wall

  • Post & Express

  • E-commerce

  • Logistics & Warehousing

  • Supermarket

  • Fresh food distribution

  • Other industries

Application Scenarios of Automated Put Wall

Rabbit Sorter is the ideal choice for small-sized sorting site, which is a three-dimensional and flexible high speed sorting system. Rabbit Sorter is applicable to application scenarios such as picking, return handling, small parcel sorting, etc.


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