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Mobile Robot AGV

After years of deep exploration,Lisen Automation independently researched and developed a variety of AGV models, adopting advanced core technologies and according to configurable guidance paths, it can optimize the storage, picking and transporting of goods in production, warehouse and distribution centers, and has rich scheduling performance, which is widely used in production, logistics and storage of enterprises, and is suitable for e-commerce, intralogistics, daily chemicals, automobiles, electrical and electronic industries and many other industries. Committed to helping customers save energy and reduce costs, and realize the optimization of enterprise production management.

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Product introduction:


Mobile robot AGV Main parameters





Driving form

Differential drive

Communication mode

Wireless local area network

Guiding form

SLAM laser navigation

Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate

Running direction

Forward  Back  Turn  In situ rotation

Battery capacity


Running speed


Battery life


Positioning accuracy


Load capacity


Outline dimension


AGV control mode


Power supply mode

48V,Lithium battery

Braking mode

Motor deceleration/Electromagnetic braking

Charging mode

Manual charging/Automatic charging

Emergency stop braking

Less than 15mm

Safety protection

Laser anti-collision sensor+Emergency stop button



Safety sensing range


Road surface fluctuation

±5mm,Greater than 10mm Suggested filling

Other models of mobile robot

  • Jacking/Traction module

  • Deliver module

  • Cooperative manipulator

  • Lifting module


Product features:

Simple deployment

Automatically build maps without scene modification,It has a variety of application modules and general standard interfaces,and directly interfaces with customer information systems without customized development.

Intelligent control

The latest generation of mobile robot control system makes it easy to switch between single-machine operation and multi-mobile robot scheduling,and supports the upper layer of multi-axis manipulator to perform tasks and collect date.

Smooth movement

Two-wheel drive and four-wheel auxiliary damping system are adopted,which makes the mobile robot smooth,reduce noise and have stronger load capacity.

Safety protection

Equipped with laser obstacle avoidance sensor,it can intelligently detect obstacles and actively avoid pedestrians and obstacles.Multi-level security protection makes the mobile robot safer.

Intelligent dispatching system

Intellgent planning of mobile robot running route,automatic switching of running route under different working scenarios,dynamic task allocation,intelligent traffic control.

Rich on-board expansion modules

By carrying different vehicle-mounted equipment, conveying modules, traction modules and other modules, it is easy to realize multiple applications of the same chassis.

Durable working hours

Each mobile robot supports automatic charging and fast charging,so that the mobile robot can work without stopping,ensuring 24-hour continuous operation and fast response.

Automatic charging station

Product parameter

Single charging cabinet:450*300*275mm

AGV Occupancy size during charging:1700*1250*1750mm

Product characteristics

  • This scheme uses lithium battery power supply+automatic charging station charging mode to provide power for AGV operation;

  • In the scheme planning,the charging area of AGV is planned to be an area that does not affect the communication between personnel and equipment.

  • When the AGV is idle,the central control system can automatically dispatch the AGV to the charging area for charging.The AGV itself has a low battery alarm function,and when the battery is low,the AGV will automatically charge at the charging station.


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