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The Annual Culture Exchange Activity between Lisen Automation and Partner-4PX Basketball Friendly Match

The Annual Culture Exchange Activity between Lisen Automation and Partner: 4PX Basketball Friendly Match

In the afternoon of December 21, 2020, Lisen Automation held a special basketball friendly match with its partner 4PX Express in the Sky City arena in Shenzhen. Even in the cold wind, they played the game in its full swing. Make friends by basketball, live up to good time.



At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, with the whistle from referee, basketball was thrown into air, and both parties strove to grab the ball. The game officially began.



The players started fierce offense & defense, passing, breaking, shooting, with body confrontation in every round, and each nice shot attracted the applause and shouting from audience. Let’s have a look at some live passionate photos, and get warm together in this winter!



Lisen Automation places great emphasis on the cultural exchange with partners, and holds basketball and other relevant games with 4PX Express every year, which not only boosts the friendship between the two companies, but also enriches the spare time of staff. Through such activities, you can see everyone is high-spirited and heroic, different from weekdays.



Make friends by basketball, develop together with partner 4PX. We have achieved cooperation in many smart sorting projects with 4PX Express, one of the long-term strategic partners of Lisen Automation. Lisen Automaton independently developed multi-type of new smart sorters, with sorting efficiency up to more than 80,000pcs per hour. The product performance is popular with and recognized by brands in logistics express industry. While developing project cooperation, Lisen Automation also develops cultural exchange, because only by exploring the depth and width of cooperation, win-win development can be realized.



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