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Stand-alone Robot

Stand alone robot: Lisen Automation provides systematized dedicated robots for logistics industry, integrated artificial intelligence(AI) robot, robot learning, and visual technology based on sensors and cameras, to improve operation performance.

Features : Through programming to complete a variety of expected tasks, it has the advantages of both human and machine in structure and performance, especially reflects the human intelligence and adaptability .

  • Stand-alone Robot
  • Stand-alone Robot


Stand-alone robot can also be named manipulator. Stand alone machine is mainly composed of actuator, driving mechanism and control system. 


Hand is used to grasp the workpiece (or tool). According to the shape, size, weight, material and operation requirements of the grasped object, there are many kinds of structure forms, such as clamping type, holding type and adsorption type. 

Driving mechanism

The movement mechanism enables the hand to complete all kinds of rotation (swing), movement or compound movement to achieve the specified action and change the position and posture of the object to be grasped. The lifting, stretching, rotation and other independent motion modes of the motion mechanism are called the degree of freedom of the manipulator. In order to grasp the object of any position and orientation in space, 6 degrees of freedom are needed. The degree of freedom is the key parameter of manipulator design. As a professional logistics solutions company, Lisen Automation designs the general special manipulator with 2-3 degrees of freedom. The more degrees of freedom, the more flexible the manipulator is, the more versatile it is, and the more complex its structure is. 

Control system 

The control system controls the motor of each degree of freedom of the manipulator to complete a specific action. At the same time, the sensor feedback information is received to form a stable closed-loop control. The core of the control system is usually composed of microcontroller or DSP and other micro control chip, through its programming to achieve the desired functions.

Advantage of Stand-alone Robot

  • Manipulator can save workers, improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, good safety, enhance the image of the factory.

  • Flexible movement, small inertia, strong versatility, can grasp the workpiece close to the base,

  • The robotic sorting system can work around the obstacles between the body and the working machinery.

  • High flexibility and accurate positioning

  • Able to work in limited space and surroundings.

  • Repeated work and not afraid of danger, great lifting and snatching power.

Advantage of Stand-alone Robot

Application Industries of Stand alone Robot

  • Food industry

  • E-commerce industry

  • Daily chemical industry

  • Logistics warehousing industry

  • Other industries


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