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Characteristics of Warehouse Automated Sorting Machine

An automatic sorting system is one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution centers, with high sorting efficiency, which usually can sort 6000-12000 boxes of goods per hour. In this sense, the automated sorting machine is crucial in improving logistics distribution efficiency. The three characteristics of the automatic sorting machine are introduced.

Ⅰ. Automated sorting machine can sort goods of large quantities continuously

Because of the pipeline mode, the automated sorting machine can run continuously without being limited by climate, time, and body force. At the same time, because the automated sorting machine can sort a large number of pieces per hour, it can run continuously for more than 100 hours, and it can sort 7,000 packaged goods per hour. But there are only about 150 pieces that can be sorted per hour if it is sorted manually, and the sorting personnel can't work continuously for 8 hours under this labor intensity.

Ⅱ. The low error rate of the automated sorting machine

The error rate of the automated sorting machine mainly depends on the accuracy of the input sorting information, which depends on the input mechanism of the sorting information. If the manual keyboard or voice recognition is used for input, the error rate is above 3%. There will be no error if the barcode is used unless the barcode printing itself is wrong. Therefore, at present, the automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify goods.

Ⅲ. The sorting operation of the automated sorting machine is unmanned

The purpose of setting up the automatic sorting system is to reduce operators, reduce labor intensity, and improve personnel efficiency. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize personnel use and achieve unmanned operation.

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