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Tilt-tray Sorter, Power Express Final Sprint

With the explosive growth of express business, the traditional crowd tactics can no longer meet the requirements of large-scale and short-time delivery. Therefore, the efficient and fast intelligent sorting system has become an indispensable part of modern express logistics. From large transfer stations to grassroots outlets, intelligent logistics sorting machine can be seen everywhere.

Tilt-tray Sorter, Power Express Final Sprint

LisenAutomation has been deeply engaged in intelligent logistics for more than ten years, forging ahead, constantly developing and innovating sorting technology, providing a variety of intelligent sorting systems and equipment, such as turn over, cross belt, straight line, narrow band, and large pieces. It is widely used in logistics, warehousing, e-commerce express and other industries, and has won the trust and recognition of many customers. The latest launch of one of the products " Tilt-tray sorter ", professional service in small and medium-sized distribution center and terminal outlets, for the last station of express rush, effectively meet the needs of customers with high efficiency sorting.

Tilt-tray Sorter, Power Express Final Sprint

Project highlights

1 To meet customer site requirements, small turn over sorting machine covers a small area, flexible layout, more in line with the site conditions of express grass-roots outlets

2 To meet customers' requirements of picking goods with high speed, high precision and flexibility, the turnover system greatly reduces the breakage rate and error rate of express delivery

3 To meet the requirements of customers to reduce labor, as long as 8 temporary workers can work, labor costs can be reduced by more than half, effectively reduce the Courier sorting work intensity, so that the Courier has more time and energy to deal with the delivery work, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole postal delivery.

4 Meet the sorting of the whole category of express, irregular parts with strong compatibility, high sorting efficiency, sorting speed up to 6440 pieces per hour (single-end parts)

Tilt-tray Sorter, Power Express Final Sprint

Lishen Automation provides customers with regular inspection and maintenance services to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the sorting system.


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