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"Flash rabbit",won the "most popular technical innovation award"

In the fifth China Intelligent Logistics Conference and Golden Ant Award ceremony of China logistics industry in May this year, Lishen intelligent [flash rabbit automated put wall] stands out from the crowd of logistics equipment with its efficicent,three-dimensional,and extremely flexible application, won the Golden Ant "most popular technical innovation award"


In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet technology and the upgrading and transformation of consumption, business forms represented by e-commerce have developed in a blowout manner.  The circulation of goods tends to change in small batch, multi-variety, high frequency and short cycle. The proportion of picking and disassembly of small pieces in logistics distribution has gradually increased from 10% to 20%, and even exceeded 90% in stores, supermarkets, medicine and other industries.

Quantitative, fragmented and personalized order sorting puts forward higher requirements for logistics and warehousing operations. In order to meet the trend of demand, improve storage management efficiency and reduce operating costs, disassembling and picking equipment and technology has been innovated and developed.


Lishen intelligent independent research and development of intelligent three-dimensional sowing sorting system -- "flash rabbit" automated put wall, make full use of storage space, for the warehouse small order picking operation, provide automatic and efficient one-stop solution.


"flash rabbit" automated put wall is a highly scalable, configurable and cost-effective small item sorting system, consisting of intelligent dispatch system, supply system, sorting trolley, transport system, sorting lattice and other components.  Three-dimensional, modular structure, flexible sorting, efficient and convenient, suitable for medicine, fresh, food, express, shoes, clothing, books and other industries, is the ideal choice of small sorting demand scene.



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