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Working Principle of the Automated Sorting Machine

1. The significance of the auto sorting system

The auto sorting system is one of the necessary facilities for advanced distribution centers. It has a high sorting efficiency: usually 6000 to 12000 pieces of goods can be sorted per hour. The sorting efficiency of the sorting system independently developed by our company Lisen Automation can reach 48,000 pieces per hour, which has far exceeded the peer level.

It can be said that the automated sorting machine is a key factor to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution. It is an auto sorting system widely used in logistics centers in the United States and Japan after World War II. The auto sorting system has now become an indispensable part of large and medium-sized logistics centers in developed countries.

2. How does the automated sorting machine work?

The automated sorting machine is a machine that sorts items according to pre-set computer instructions and delivers the sorted items to the location.

With the development of laser scanning, bar code and computer control technology, the use of automated sorting machines in logistics has become increasingly common.

The automatic letter sorter and automatic parcel sorter have been used for many years in the postal department. The inspected goods are sent to the sorting system through various methods, such as manual handling, mechanical handling, automated handling, etc., and after being merged, they are collected on a conveyor.

Our business structure consists of four business departments and an engineering technology center, including intelligent sorting, AS/RS, robot integrated applications, mobile robots, vision technology and software, etc. We provide users in various industries with advanced application equipment and technical services, such as postal services, express delivery, e-commerce distribution, production and circulation, material warehousing, logistics and transportation, etc.


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