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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Daily Chemical

Daily Chemical Industry Solutions

  • Sales in the industry grow fast, and the market scale is large.

  • Consumers have a higher demand for models and functions.

  • Online sales scale further expanded, and there is more small quantity of orders.

  • The industry segmentation trend is obvious.

  • Three-dimensional marketing channels.

  • Large storage, small output in a short time.

  • Bulk packing in the warehouse.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Daily Chemical

Lisen Automation Solution

Daily chemical products are mainly divided into 6 major categories, cosmetics, cleaning washing supplies, oral cavity supplies, fragrance, insect repellent products, and other daily chemical products such as shoe polish, floor wax, etc. Among them, the cosmetics industry scale is the largest. In recent years, the daily chemical industry in China flourishes, and the demand for production & management is higher and higher. Lisen Automation, as one of material handling experts, provides a complete set of the intelligent solution, such as mixed case palletizing and automated picking solution, covering outbound/inbound warehouse, storage, goods receipt, unloading, sorting, etc., helping you deal with any challenge in logistics management of the daily chemical industry.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Daily Chemical

  • Standard stacker solution.

  • Mixed case palletizing system, piece picking, case picking, layer picking and other automated picking solutions.

  • Automated loading & unloading solution.

  • Automated sorting solution.

  • Provide system software management solution.

  • Avoid human error, reduce dependence on labor.

  • Solution for long time high efficient working.

  • Work in a smelly environment and environment which is not good for human.

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