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Intelligent Warehousing Helps Enterprises Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

It is predicted by some related agencies that by 2020, China express delivery business volume will reach 50 billion, of which the volume of integrated storage and retrieval system would have accounted for 50% with a market worth 225 billion yuan.

1. Reduce Automated Storage and Retrieval System Cost to Help Enterprises Remain in an Invincible Position

For many e-commerce companies, without sufficient investment, it is still a bottleneck for them to build a warehouse by itself. Self-built warehousing is in development, but for those e-commerce companies that can control the warehousing process, they can leapfrog advantageously by owning and operating an ASRS system provided by our material handling company.

2. Reduce Logistics Costs by Automated Storage Retrieval System

Smart WMS system has played an unparalleled role in cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Specifically, it operates in a multi-dimentional way that it greatly reduces the costs and inefficiency in terms of goods' storage, picking, packaging, transportation, sorting, in a large-scale application of automated equipment, robots and intelligent management systems.

3. Protect your privacy by ASRS system

Another advantage of the ASRS system is that it has functions of security and confidentiality. For example, in the banking system, the use of ASRS can provide banks with completely confidential operations.


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