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[Group news] 2020 Business Summary Meeting: Brave the winds and waves, all forge ahead hand in hand, to achieve the doubled results in 3 years

Group news(photographed and reported by Xijuan Zou ) December 26-27, 2020, Lisen Automation held a meeting for the 2020 group business summary and the 2021 group work plan in Huizhou. The general partners of group business units, product partners, and heads of all centers, attended this meeting. The meeting is hosted by Jeans Lee, the director and vice general manager, and Arthur Zhang, group president delivered a keynote speech at the launching ceremony of the meeting, and he made the important speech focusing on the following 5 points regarding the future 3-year group work policy.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

No.1 Go deep into scenarios, expand living space

The smart logistics developed in the 21st century has been upgraded and iterated, is evolving towards intelligent logistics with the rapid development of the market. In such fierce competition, to keep the status of a professional logistics solution provider, Lisen Automation must go deep into the scenes down to earth, to find the pain points and curing methods of the customer. Seek vitality and expand survival and development space from industry application scenes, product application scenes and new scenes creation.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

No.2 Precipitate ability, seize market share

Operation ability is the survival capability of an enterprise, to keep energetic vitality, so we must have our own abilities such as innovation ability, manufacturing ability, management ability and growth ability. In the future, Lisen Automation must base on the whole group, focus on the precipitation of its own comprehensive abilities, learn from others' strong points and make up its own weak points, unit together so as to run fast and far, and seize more market share in hand.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

No.3 Build competitive products, take brand management route

Since the establishment 17 years ago, Lisen has experienced many times transformation, and currently is building its own competitive products brand, such as industrial mobile robot, automated parcel sortation system and so on. Lisen is transiting to brand management enterprise step by step. Lisen Automation holds more than 130 national patents, employs over half of the total employee number all types of engineering and technical personnel, and the passionate team is building iconic product one after another with their craftsmanship, to carry forward the Lisen brand.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

No.4 Copy the application, quickly improve market influence

Lisen Automation always insists on a self-independent development route and has built many products that can be quickly copied and applied after the company technical team conducted numerous innovative developments and test iterations so that we have the survival guarantee for sustainable development. Copy and promote the successful cases and scenes in the same industry, extract valuable technology from success case and quickly copy it to other cases, promote competitive products of materials handling system and services in all channels, deepen the influence of the Lisen brand in the market.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

No.5 Collaborative operation, seek win-win from internal and external cooperation

Lisen Automation separated those transactional works and professional service works (such as marketing operation, market pre-sale support, after-sale service, finance support, human resources and administration management, IT management service, etc.) from business units where the works were operated before and set up dedicated departments to operate so as to achieve marketization of group internal service. Except for internal cooperation, Lisen Automation has also established good cooperation relationships with governments, customers, suppliers and competitors, because that's the fundamental survival principles of enterprise.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

At the meeting, the general managers of business units all delivered their work report to summarize the business state during 2020 and discussed with all colleagues the problems and shortcomings they faced so as to learn from the mistake lessons. Lisen Automation set an ambitious goal at this meeting, double results in three years.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting

Everything is growing at the same time, and the whole Lisen Automation group is evolving internally in multiple dimensions, constantly improving itself, and even has set the Double in Three goals in this meeting. The heads of all business units quickly responded to the requirements regarding the goal, based on the 2020 annual summary, to schedule the 2021 annual plan.

Lisen Automation 2020 Business Summary Meeting


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