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Advantages of E-commerce Automated Sorting Machine

Directed by the instructions set by the computer, the automated sorting machine delivers the sorted goods to specific locations. With the development of laser scanning, bar code, and computer control technology, the automatic sorting machine is increasingly common in logistics.

Ⅰ. The Sorting process of automated sorting machine

In the processing of optical sorting, the goods are scanned by a laser scanner on their bar codes, or the sorting information is input into the computer processing central by other automatic text or voice reading devices.

By comparing the obtained information of goods with the preset data, the computer sends different picked goods to the specific position of the sorting crossing to complete the sorting work. The sorting crossing of the automated sorting machine can temporarily store items that have not been taken away. When the sorting crossing is full, it is controlled by photoelectricity to prevent the sorted goods from entering the sorting process again.

Ⅱ. The advantages of e-commerce automated sorting machine

1. The automated sorting machine uses advanced sorting technology of information identification, so the error rate is low;

2. The computer system instructs the machine to sort the goods without humans automatically.

3. The sorting modes of the automated sorting machine varies, which can be modularized and freely combined according to different sorting requirements.

4. With a high degree of intelligence and integration, it can sort goods continuously and massively.

One of the advantages of e-commerce automated sorting machines is the reduction of personnel and labor intensity and increased personnel efficiency. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can minimize personnel use and become unmanned. The automated sorting machine itself does not require the use of personnel, and the use of personnel is limited to the following tasks:

1. When the goods are delivered to the automatic sorting line, the goods are received manually.

2. The sorting system is controlled by workers.

3. The sorted goods are manually loaded when the sorting process is completed.

4. Workers control the automated sorting system's operation, management, and maintenance.

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