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Lisen Automation R&D

  • Lisen Automation R&D philosophy

    Innovate and create high efficiency

    Integrate hardware and visual software system development ability, provide intelligent logistics one-stop service. Lisen Automation, taking Innovate Technology and Create High Efficiency as R&D philosophy, constantly improving itself, has developed logistics solution and application technologies for 20 years. Lisen Automation, as a material handling system supplier, provides the customer with professional and practical technical services. Guided by technological innovation, Lisen Automation takes the industrial leader position in product R&D of intelligent sorting and AS/RS in China.

  • Lisen Automation R&D team

    People orientation, technology supremacy

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Lisen Automation always attaches great importance to investment and R&D of innovative technology. Lisen Automation insists on people-orientation and technology supremacy, promote the cultivating of technical talents with craftsman's spirit, set up Lisheng Business Training Institute, and recruit more talents to improve materials handling system. The number of company technical staff is more than 50% of the total staff number, which helps company technical level stay on the top in the industry. Give full play to the leading role of high-end talents in the technological innovation of Lisen Automation, to make Lisen Automation always stand with technology content.

  • Lisen Automation R&D cooperation

    Long term cooperation with universities and industry-leading companies

    Lisen Automation has established a long-term strategic partnership with industry leaders, also has cooperated with a technology university and a research institute near Songshan Lake to develop a variety of visual technology-related products and has made forward-looking technological breakthroughs in automatic sorting system. In 2020, Lisen Automation participated in the "Maker in China" SME Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, entered into the finals and won the Innovation Award.

Research and development

More than 100 technological patents

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