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LET-CeMAT Exhibition Preparation-Booth No.D15 from May 25th to 27th in Guangzhou

It's said that here come a lot of devices in our lab recently, let's find out what it is there.

lisenautomation-6.jpg   lisenautomation-7.jpg

What is this machine used for? And what are they doing?

They are carrying out vision calibration. Before using vision software, we have to firstly calibrate vision camera. When camera leaves factory, the internal parameters have been set, and user is only required to calibrate external parameters. That is to change the world coordinate system to camera coordinate system so as to obtain the external parameters matrix of vision camera. With calibrated vision camera, image is processed through captured 2D image and 3D point cloud picture, therefore Cartesian coordinate of product is acquired, signal is sent to robot, and robot moves pre-set tool coordinate system to the coordinate, which will realize the picking of product.

As for robot, it does not know where the product is, however the robot vision plays an eye role. During adding the eye to robot, there is a key step called "camera calibration", after which, robot is able to get the product position through vision camera, therefore realizing the precise picking of product.

The robot itself can select the items to be handled, not just simple handling. It is obviously a robot that can think by itself!


There are two ladies visiting the lab,who are the deputy director and reporter of Logistics & Material Handling magazine. They made a special trip from Beijing to Guangzhou this time, and visited Lisen Product Lab Center in Guangzhou, praising much Lisen philosophy and construction of the center. They also had a special interview with our Deputy general manager Jeans Lee.


The development of Lisen always keeps pace with social trend, when it came to the future of intelligent equipment & development of Lisen, Jeans Lee the deputy general manager showed full of confidence and expectation: today the international society and China national strategies are all actively controlling carbon emission, striving to achieve carbon neutral before 2060. Under the background of long state control of global epidemic, non-contact or less contact logistics chain will be a technological trend. In such a general environment, smart logistics industry is bound to do a lot!


After listening to such a profound conversation, I am full of energy. As one of Lisen people, I am proud, and we are absolutely a company actively reacting to national call, voluntarily contributing to achieving the carbon neutrality target.

During the several days in the lab for interview, I saw the hard work of engineers who work much and sometimes overtime, modify codes and test again and again in order to present the best of our devices at the fair. Sure enough, hard-working people are the most handsome, and they deserve to be praised!

lisenautomation-11.jpg    lisenautomation-12.jpg 

lisenautomation-13.jpg    lisenautomation-14.jpg

lisenautomation-15.jpg    lisenautomation-16.jpg

As what the general operation manager of this project Liu Heyi said, success always comes silently, but before that, we have to greet failures again and again.

Would you like to meet these cute robots?


Then do not miss the CeMAT ASIA event from 25th to 27th this month!

These cute robots will wait for your visiting at the D15, hall 10.1, area B, Pazhou Complex of Canton Fair.

Okay, this is the end of my lab visiting. Lisen will also publish the latest reports at the first time for any fresh and interesting fair news afterwards. See you soon on May 25th!


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