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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Food & Beverage

Food Beverage Industry Solutions

With the increase rising of beverage automation and food automation companies and industries, the demand and the use of equipment automation in food industry is also huge. In this automation in food processing industry, there are some field of automation that is very important, such as meat processing automation, food manufacturing and production automation, sugar plant automation and sorting automation of fruits and vegetables.

  • The consumption channel is changing, and the demand for door-to-door delivery is surging.

  • SKU increases sharply—packing size of fast food and healthy food.

  • Safety and product tracking regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act(FSMA) require traceability and a quick recall system.

  • Product freshness and expiration date.

  • Sustainable development and Green strategy.

  • Optimization of the delivery route.

  • Reduce manual operation

  • Packing box increasing, single-piece picking.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Food & Beverage

Lisen Automation Solutions

As the saying goes "Food is the first necessity of people", the food & beverage industry plays an important role in the national economy. With the development of the times, the food & beverage industry now is facing a special challenge. And the self-independently developed software system and high-end intelligent equipment of Lisen Automation, which is a logistics solution provider, are needed to solve the problems in the industry such as logistics & warehousing, picking, loading & unloading, etc.

  • Automated materials handling system.

  • Mixed case palletizing system, piece picking, case picking, layer picking and other automated picking solutions.

  • Automated loading & unloading solution.

  • Traceable control software,  conforming to requirements of product tracking regulation.

  • System solutions for retail, e-commerce, door to door delivery and click & collect.

  • Inventory accuracy solution.

  • FIFO(First in First out) shipping solution.

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