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Definition and Positioning of the Materials Handling System

1. Overview of materials handling system

Materials handling system refers to a series of related equipment and devices used in a process or logical action system to coordinate and reasonably move, store or control materials. Be able to design and arrange materials handling systems, equipment, and containers.

2. Positioning of the materials handling system

The positioning of the enterprise materials handling system is a relatively complicated issue. Due to the imbalance of economic development in the eastern and western regions of China, the diversity of the enterprise materials handling system is determined, which reflects the advanced technology level of material handling in the world today.

The unmanned materials handling system composed of unmanned automatic handling vehicles, automated warehouses, automated conveyors, etc., and there are also primitive material handling conveyor lines that are still in the middle of the last century, but no matter what level, one thing is common .

That is to say, these materials handling systems are matched with the economic conditions of the enterprise, product quality requirements, labor level, and product market competitiveness. There is no best materials handling system, only the most economical and suitable one.

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