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AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

The asrs or automated storage and retrieval system is a software with independent intellectual property for automated warehouse management and scheduling, which can integrate standard design and customized development. Asrs machines or robots adopt workflow schema to construct application system model, following modern logistics concepts, advancing complete set of system solutions, organically unifying asrs warehouse automation system and automated production logistics. 

The robotic storage and retrieval system includes automated pallet storage and retrieval system(asrs pallet storage) and mini load automated storage and retrieval system(mini load asrs). The customers themselves can look for the history of automated storage retrieval system (asrs). The automated storage and retrieval system(asrs) companies also offer perfect afterservice for customers.

  • As/rs (automated Storage And Retrieval System)
  • As/rs (automated Storage And Retrieval System)

WMS or Warehouse Management System can manage the whole process of inbound/outbound operations and handling of goods, supporting batch management and material tracking, including the disposal of normal business process, abnormal business process and emergency task, and graphical interfaces of materials inbound/outbound path tracking and alarms. Reducing automated storage and retrieval system cost and optimizing asrs equipments in warehouse.


The information of inventory, racking and shelving condition, goods location and storage area can be managed visually and graphically, also the inventory and warehouse condition can be displayed in real time. It supports custom statistics query, also the importing and exporting of statistical daily report, monthly report, annual report, data Excel text. WMS can run independently, also can be seamlessly integrated with substrate equipment and related software system. Quick accurate positioning, high efficient data acquisition and information processing are realized by leveraging RFID, 1D and 2D barcode technologies.

WMS, with star network structure, consists of network server, RF server, management computer, monitoring computer, inbound and outbound allocation and disposal, RF base station and RF handheld terminal, etc.

  • System software configuration including:operation system:WINDOWS 2000X SERVER

  • Database: MS SQL SERVER 2000X

  • Warehouse management software: WMS

  • Equipment control software: ECS

  • Barcode management software: RFS

Management System Structure Diagram As Below:

As/rs (automated Storage And Retrieval System)

Application Cases 1 of AS/RS

  • Industry customer: An automobile company

  • Outline: AS/RS 1,060 Cells

  • Features: Automated warehouse, inbound and outbound conveyor belt, automated guided vehicle.

Application Cases 1 of AS/RS

Application Cases 2 of AS/RS

  • Industry customer: A battery company

  • Outline: AS/RS 11,296 Cells

  • Features: Automated warehouse, inbound and outbound conveyor belt, lifter.

Application Cases 2 of AS/RS

Application Industries of AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

Different types of asrs are applied in following industries: 

  • Automobile industry

  • Food industry

  • Fast moving consumer goods industry

  • New energy industry

  • E-commerce industry

  • Household products industry

  • Other industries


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