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Laser Forklift AGV

Laser Forklift AGV

Upgrade and transform the forklift truck based on its own stable mechanical performance,and cooperate with the central control system to improve the operation efficiency of the workshop.Generally,three series models are selected.

  • Laser Forklift AGV
  • Laser Forklift AGV

Product introduction:


Laser forklift AGV(series)parameters

Appearance dimensionL2300×W790×H2300mmL2780×W1250×H2500mmL2860×W815×H2310mmNavigation typeLaser navigationTurning radius2031mm1785mm1785mm
Whole vehicle weightAbout self-weight 900kg
Battery about 300kg
About self-weight 1300kg
Battery about 250kg
About self-weight 1300kg
Battery about 250kg
Loading capacityAccording to the forklift's own ability(customizable)Run time24-hour working day
Travel directionForward and backwars,turn left and rightSafety protectionSensor+mechanical anti-collision stripGradeability<=5°
Running speed0~72m/minSensing range0~2mNavigation accuracy±10mm
Battery typeLead acid/lithium batteryType of driveSingle steering wheel driveParking accuracy±5mm±10mm±10mm
Charging modeManual/AutomaticDrive power supplyDC24VDC48VDC48VOperational environmentTemperature:-10~65°
Humidity:90%the following,No condensation
Control typePMS + AGVS(Central control system)Communication methodWIFIDesigned lift>10years

Laser forklift AGV-R Series

Laser forklift AGV-T20AP Series

Laser forklift AGV-L series

Product advantage:

  • Vehicle-mounted intelligent algorithm automatically determines whether to stop or not;

  • Manual/automatic switching is convenient;

  • Linde Forklift Company is responsible for after-sales service of car body hardware;

  • Hightly modular,convenient for maintenance and use;

  • Perfect fault self-diagnosis system is convenient for troubleshooting.

Application scenario:

  • It is necessary to use the environment;

  • Combine the material rack and the three-dimensional warehouse to complete the automatic storage and transportation functions;

  • Specific models can be subdivided to act on pallet pallets.


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