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Root and fruit weighing and packaging machine, intelligent agricultural packaging solution

Food is the most important thing for the people. Modern agriculture is closely related to people's life. Driven by new technologies such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the traditional fruit and vegetable industry has also ushered in a new stage of automation development. Among them, the agility of fruit and vegetable packaging is one of the important development trends.


Customers have higher and higher requirements for the packaging of fruits and vegetables, and their demand is more inclined to multi batch, small batch quantity, short cycle and less contact. The requirements for operation efficiency and safety factor are prominent. Major fresh fruit and vegetable manufacturers, retail supermarkets and vegetable market distribution factories have made efforts to build their own fresh processing and distribution centers, and intelligently upgrade the links of product packaging, weighing and sorting.


#Root and fruit weighing and packaging machine#

Root and fruit weighing and packaging machine is a set of automatic system equipment integrating material handling, weighing and packaging independently developed by Lisen Automation. It is developed for the packaging of fresh agricultural products in fruit and vegetable enterprises and distribution centers of large and medium-sized supermarkets. It mainly provides one-stop solutions for quantitative packaging of root and fruit such as potatoes, onions and oranges.


The equipment is composed of intelligent control system, feeding and conveying system, weighing and metering system and packaging and discharging system. The full-automatic weighing machine, buckle making machine and packaging machine are integrated, with complete process and compact structure. Multi-channel measurement can be used for mass packaging tasks.


The weighing range of the root and fruit weighing and packaging machine is between 5-5000g, which basically covers the weight range of large, medium and small root and fruit. Standardized erection of modules can quickly put into production and optimize production and distribution management.


After setting the corresponding parameters in the control system, the supply staff only needs to dump the goods into the feeding frame, and the feeding line automatically completes the supply flow control. After soil removal and defective product screening, the goods enter the hoist for uniform and stable lifting, and then the goods are transported to the weighing and metering system. The unique 12 channel double-layer design of the metering bucket realizes the high-speed and accurate metering of the goods, It is transported to the packaging system to complete buckle packaging.



The net bag material preparation adopts the double station design, which does not stop the net bag material preparation, and the label is automatically printed and labeled, so as to save manpower and realize efficient automatic operation to the greatest extent.


The equipment can be freely combined with advanced logistics equipment and technologies such as intelligent sorting, code scanning and weighing, robot palletizing, etc., closely associate sorting, packaging and distribution, optimize product configuration and performance requirements, help customers quickly and effectively respond to the ordering needs of each terminal and realize industrial intelligent upgrading.


Application case

Lisen Automation has created a set of fruit and vegetable quantitative weighing and packaging scheme for (an outstanding service provider in China's catering supply chain and a fresh mobile e-commerce platform). At present, it has been completed and officially put into production.


The scheme consists of feeding line, defective product sorting line, lifting line, full-automatic weighing machine, discharge line, full-automatic packer, buckle machine, mark feeder and other equipment.


Program highlights


1. Full automation and labor saving


It realizes 0.5 ~ 5kg quantitative packaging of root and fruit products, automatic feed control and full-automatic packaging production line, solves the high cost problems such as manual weighing and manual labeling, and can save 1 ~ 1.5 times the labor cost. The annual labor cost will be saved about 100000 yuan by one set machine.


2 Flexible processing to reduce consumables


The equipment runs smoothly, environmental protection and energy conservation, and has the leading level in the modern industry. Flexible product handling, small drop, good protection measures for anti-collision and damage of agricultural products. The main material of contact products is food grade stainless steel 304, and the conveyor belt line is made of high-density polyethylene HDPE. The loss rate of machine packaging bag is 1.5 times lower than that of manual packaging bag. The annual loss of one set machine can be reduced by more than 200000 RMB.


3. Worry free after lease


The root and fruit weighing and packaging machine can be leased and charged according to the number of production bags, which can meet the current short-term business needs without worrying about stagnation and maximize benefits.


4. It has a wide range of application and can meet the needs of multiple scenarios


It is applicable to a variety of root and fruit products, potatoes, onions, oranges, peanuts, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, etc. with considerable output: 2.5kg packaging, up to 30 bags per minute, so as to avoid warehouse explosion in peak season. The touch screen operation of the device is easy to learn and can flexibly meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.



Lisen Automation has been deeply cultivated for nearly 20 years, is committed to providing excellent intelligent logistics solutions for global partners, and is optimistic about the development of intelligent agriculture. In addition to the root and fruit weighing and packaging machine, we also has more related equipment R & D and commissioning, which continues to empower traditional agricultural automation and help the rapid development of smart agriculture!


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