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Warehousing robot for unmanned handling facilitates the rapid development of logistics industry

With the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics industry stepped onto the stage from behind the scenes and became a battlefield without gunpowder for all kinds of capitals. In 2020, the market need of domestic automated logistics system is estimated to exceed 100 billion RMB, and a more than 15% growth in the industry is expected to be kept in next few years. Amazon acquired KIVASYSTEM for 775 million US dollars, and spent a lot of money to built its own warehouse. The actions of these giant enterprises indicate that Chinese logistics companies need their own suitable smart logistics system with independent intellectual property rights.

To establish automatic materials handling system, smart warehousing handling robot is the essential first, otherwise there is no intelligence. With smart warehousing handling robots, a powerful robot matrix phalanx is constructed in warehouse. Through efficient tasks scheduling, optimization of dispatching algorithm, high precision 2D code positioning and navigation technology and good human-computer interaction experience, multiple robots can be dispatched for working at the same time, and the seamless connection between robots, between robot and human can be realized.

Lisen Automation Warehousing Robot

Warehouse robot loads material container to run across different zones, realizing the efficient goods circulation between stations and greatly reducing the moving distance for workers in warehouse. Compared with warehouse where goods are manually handled, the warehouse which uses smart AGV transportation robot has a 50% higher transportation efficiency.

AGV is to reduce labor and workforce. In an enterprise where industrial automation has been realized, when you need to handle some item, you only need to give an order, and palletizing robot will pick the workpiece from automated warehouse and hand over it to AGV (automated handling robot). The AGV unmanned transport vehicle will transport the item to assembly line. After the item is identified and judged by smart camera, industrial mobile robot will transport it to another assembly line and stack it well.

Lisen Automation Warehousing Robot

Since AGV takes over the work, labor is reduced and labor cost is down. In the development of smart logistics, both working efficiency and investment cost should be addressed without letup. Only when efficiency stays on top and cost is affordable, it is the logistics intelligence in line with China’s condition.

This article comes from the journal Logistics & Material Handling.


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