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To Promote the Digital Upgrade of the Industry: Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center Project Signed

The digital wave has profoundly affected the development of various industries in the 21st century. The food industry cannot be excluded. The entire industrial chain from production, packaging, transportation, to sales is undergoing rapid changes. Innovative fields such as unmanned production lines, robotic workshops, human-machine intelligent collaboration, big data analysis, and intelligent supply chains have increasingly become the focus of the food industry.

In order to promote the digital development of the food industry in Henan Province and form a solid industrial cluster leading in the province, the Linying County Party Committee and County Government of Luohe City, Henan Province together with Shanghai Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Lisen Automation Co., Ltd., jointly initiated the establishment of "Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center", and on May 15, 2021, the signing ceremony of the Manufacturing Innovation Center project was held in the auditorium of Linying County Party Committee.


The signing ceremony was presided over by Li Dechen, Deputy Magistrate of Linying County People's Government, Li Junwei the Deputy Secretary of Linying County Party Committee and County Head, Wang Zhiyang the member of the Party Group of County People’s Government, Yu Shengyang the director of the Office, Liu Dengke the director of County Investment Promotion Bureau, and Gong Dongkui the Secretary of Party Committee of Wangmeng Town, Linying County and many other leaders attended this signing ceremony. At the same time, representatives of Dutch Blueprint Automation, U.S. Lantech, U.S. Cognex, German Sick, German Morse Packaging and some other internationally renowned companies were invited, also the distinguished guests from Haoxiangni, Sinotrans DHL, Shuanghui Food, JBH Bio-Tech, Zhongke Weike Tech and other companies attended the ceremony, all together witnessed the launch of the Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center.


Mr. Zhang Gaoqiang, president of Lisen Automation Group, delivered an opening speech, and welcomed the leaders of Linying County government and friends from enterprises who came to the event, expressed respect for the organizer's hard work and thanked them for their continued support. As a vital province in the food industry, Henan ranks first in food and meat processing in China, with an annual output value of about RMB450 billion. Since the establishment of the Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center, it will provide the food industry with full-process solutions from packaging to testing, to logistics and distribution, and is committed to improving the level of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization of food products in Henan Province and even the whole country. President Zhang has great expectations for the future of the center, and put forward the three-year goal to build a provincial-level innovation center, and the second five-year goal to build a national-level innovation center.


Dai Qi, director of the marketing department of Shanghai FANUC Robotics Co., Ltd., introduced the basic situation of the project in detail: the Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center project is mainly for the food industry with a core area the Henan Province. Through the guidance of the government and participation of leading enterprises and universities, to jointly create a digital and intelligent innovation center for the food industry, and provide solid technology and talent guarantee for the transformation and development of the food industry.


Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center is jointly invested and operated by Shanghai Fanuc and Lisen Automation. It is planned to build five centers: consulting and evaluation center of intelligent manufacturing and digital technology; intelligent manufacturing and digital experience center for food industry, R&D center, manufacturing center; technical training service center for local industries.


On the thirty thousand miles way with wind and rain, the roc bird is always striving to fly high. At present, China has a long way to go in the digital production and safety guarantee of the food industry. "Although it's a long way, as long as we keep walking, we will arrive; even thing is difficult, it will come to success as long as we persist in doing." With the sailing of the manufacturing innovation center, the project based in Linying, serves the whole province, and whole country. It will further accelerate the digital upgrade and development of the food industry in Henan Province, to achieve excellent economic and social benefits.


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