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Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

Unloading and palletising system: it's a robotic palletizing system, with IP67 protection grade. With the features of high speed, high precision and long distance handling, special multi-function controller and control software, it can be quickly programmed at site, shortening maintenance time. We offer customized automotic palletizer machines for sale with reasonable prices.

  • Unloading And Robotic Palletizing System
  • Unloading And Robotic Palletizing System

Technical Parameters of Unloading and Automatic Palletizing System

  • Dedicated palletizing robot with high speed

  • Palletizing capacity: 1000-1200packs per hour

  • Pack weight: 10~50kg

  • Palletizing height: H(Max)<=1500mm(including pallet)

Technical Characteristics of Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

  • With developed palletizing programming technology package, the system can automatically generate palletizing program after HM inputs product value, simplifying the process and difficulty of manual programming.

  • Modular design, fast and flexible installation, modular production, stable and reliable.

  • Stable and reliable palletizing effects of high level palletizers.

  • High reliability, 8000 hours mean time between failures.

Application Scenarios of Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

The unloading and palletizing device of Lisen Automation, which is a logistics solutions company, can seamlessly pick a whole layer or whole carton of goods from different sized pallets. The automatic loading and unloading system improves the quality and throughput of loading and unloading in logistics, as well as the accuracy, and reduces operation cost.

Type A: Single in single out, suitable for single production line layout in small and narrow space.

Unloading And Robotic Palletizing System

Type B: Double in double out, suitable for the production line with multiple product specifications and high output.

Unloading And Robotic Palletizing System

Advantages of Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

The automated palletizing system has the following advantages:

  • Maximize production capacity.

  • Reduced transportation cost and low robotic palletizer cost.

  • Reduce goods product damage.

  • Improve accuracy.

  • Extensibility suitable for future development.

Advantages of Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

Application Industries of Unloading and Robotic Palletizing System

Different  types of palletizers are applied in the following industries:

  • Plastic raw materials

  • Powder raw materials

  • Food industry, such as flour, starch, rice(bag packing type)

  • Chemical industry

  • Feed industry


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