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Application and Classification of Auto Sorting System

Auto sorting systems are to deliver random, different categories of items with different destinations from the warehouse or shelves (according to the product category or destination) to the warehouse shipping and loading location according to the path required by the system after selection.

Ⅰ. Scope of application of auto sorting systems

With the improvement of social productivity and the increasing variety of commodities, the sorting operation in the production and circulation fields has become a time-consuming, labor-intensive, large-area, error-prone and complex part of management. For this reason, item sorting and conveying systems have become an important branch of material handling systems and are widely used in the postal and telecommunications express, aviation, food, pharmaceutical and e-commerce logistics industries. The auto sorting system has been increasingly important.

Ⅱ. Classification of auto sorting systems

The auto sorting systems can be divided into cross belt type, tilt-tray type, flipping plate type, oblique wheel type, push rod type, jacking transplanting type, high-speed transplanting type, hanging type, high-speed slider type. The above classification is based on product weight, sorting efficiency, and specific customer needs.

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