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Advantages of the Crossbelt Sorter

1. The sorting process of the crossbelt sorter is quiet

Crossbelt sorter can sort goods gently by accurately positioning the PID. In the chute-type grid, the goods fall by their own gravity at the target grid, and in the drum-type grid, the goods can move gently, without causing goods to be thrown, hit, or damaged. So the crossbelt sorter can sort fragile goods.

2. The sorting efficiency of the crossbelt sorter is high

Compared with other sorters, the crossbelt sorter can sort more goods in the same storage area. It can provide a larger sorting capacity and more sorting grids. For example, the cross-belt with an area of 600 square meters has a sorting speed of 10,000 pieces /h, which can easily provide nearly 100 goods grids. At present, only the crossbelt sorter can be qualified for sorting in a limited space in the super-large logistics distribution center, facing more than 200,000 sorting orders every day.

3. The degree of automation of the crossbelt sorter is high

The crossbelt sorter consists of sensors, a control system, a communication system, a drive system, and an information system. And with so many advanced systems, this machine can provide automatic weighing, volume measurement, scanning and sorting to serve customers. The crossbelt sorter supports a full-automatic package, which directly introduces the package to the package table through the conveying line, thus reducing the operators in front of each package table.

4. The sorting of the crossbelt sorter is accurate

The cross-belt sorter adopts high-precision positioning technology, and the position is accurate to millimeter level, which ensures the accuracy of sorting. The whole sorting operation is controlled automatically with an error rate of less than 5/10000.

In addition, when unloading goods, there are error perception and timely feedback with the unique error monitoring algorithm. You can set error alarms and solutions on the machine in advance. In this way, the package information with errors can be prompted when the machine is running, including the error area and error type. The operator will deal with it in time after discovery, thus ensuring the accuracy of the overall sorting.

5. Crossbelt sorter has a wide range of sorting items

The crossbelt sorter can effectively sort 5 to 30 kg items, including boxes, parcels, letters, books, clothes, and packaged foods, etc. With fewer restrictions on the shapes, sizes, and materials, it can perfectly handle all kinds of items. The advantages of the crossbelt sorter can embody when sorting light items, fragile items, small items, and soft items. Therefore, this machine can be applied in logistics express, postal service, clothing, medicine, food, and books with high versatility.

Compared with other sorters, the crossbelt sorter has many advantages, but it is not omnipotent in the application. Therefore, the key is to use it reasonably and objectively. The crossbelt can not achieve high sorting quantity and high accuracy at will. Please remember that the sorting quantity is decided by the layout and the utilization rate of the trolley. The accuracy and stability of the crossbelt sorter are affected by the factors such as on-site electrical links, communication stability, electromagnetic interference, improper operation, and so on.


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