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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Garment

Apparel Industry Solutions

  • Complexity development of sales channels.

  • The rapid growth of online consumption.

  • Visitors flowrate of physical shops goes down.

  • Inventory pressure of shops, diversity of customer demands.

  • More returns of goods increased handling pressure.

  • Increasingly complicated packing specification, size and types of apparel.

  • Free shipping service of e-commerce brings more pressure on transportation and delivery.

  • Seasonal activities promotion peak.

  • Rising labor cost, shortage of advanced talents.


Lisen Automation Solutions

In the Chinese idiom "clothing, food, shelter and transportation-basic necessities of life", clothing comes first and it's very important. Lisen Automation, as a logistics solutions company, provides customized service for you according to the problems you're facing related to the industry. Lisen Garment Automation will supply you with customized solutions and help you optimize the system from storage, parcel sorting, transportation to shipping/returns, etc.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Garment

  • Intelligent and integrated solution for warehousing and distribution system.

  • Mixed case palletizing, piece picking, case picking, layer picking and other automated picking solutions.

  • Advanced visual software application solution.

  • High-end equipment design and installation solution.

  • System multi-channel tracking.

  • Reduction of labour cost.

  • Efficient handling of a complicated order and small quantity order.

  • Dedicated e-commerce system configuration.

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