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Careers of Lisen Automation

Recruitment : 

Senior mechanical engineer  15000-20000 

Job responsibilities: Product development and design, product standardization and optimization.

Job requirements:

  1. Major related to mechanical design, automation, etc., 28-40 years old.

  2. College or above education background.

  3. More than 5 years of customized machine design experience.

  4. Master mechanical principles, capable of customized design and drawing of machine, familiar with mechanical structure and transmission.

  5. Know well processing technologies such as machining, sheet metal processing, etc., familiar with selecting common materials.

  6. It would be better if you have engaged in structure design of logistics transportation and warehousing equipment, and automatic sorting equipment.

  7. Skillful at using engineering software such as AUTOCAD, Solidworks.

  8. Diligent and responsible in work, good sense of teamwork.


Remark: Salary can be negotiated face to face for those with excellent ability.


Mechanical engineer  8000-15000

Job requirements:

  1. Undergraduate or above education background, major in mechanical design and automation or major related to the machine.

  2. More than 3 years experience in mechanical design and development of customized automation equipment, familiar with the development process, common development risks and effectiveness analysis of customized equipment.

  3. Capable of completing the design of automation equipment project independently, familiar with the mechanical structure and mechanical transmission design, familiar with a selection of main parts.

  4. Skilful at using 3D design software such as AUTOCAD、Solidworks, etc.

  5. Strong enterprise and responsibility, diligent and willing to devote to ideal.


Job description:

  1. Communicate with customer, confirm customer need and make a solution.

  2. Project engineering design, produce drawing with BOM form.

  3. The track purchasing process of parts, guide and take responsibility for production and assembly. Modify and design a defected product.

  4. Track after-sale problems, and go to the customer site to take charge of commissioning if necessary.


Logistics planning engineer  7000-15000

Job responsibilities: Request communication with customer, solution planning, cost estimation, quotation.

Job requirements:

  1. College or above education background, major in or related to machinery, logistics, 22-40 years old.

  2. More than 2 years of work experience in logistics process planning. 

  3. Skilful at various drawing and 3D drawing software.

  4. Those who have relevant experience in data analysis and simulation modelling will be preferred.  

  5. Excellent ability in speaking, logical thinking, communication and coordination.

  6. Excellent teamwork spirit, responsibility and strong enterprise in career.


Those who have one of the following experiences will be preferred:

  1. Experience in planning & advising, market planning, engineering design for a conveyor system or automated logistics field.

  2. Capable of completing the planning and logistics process design for automation logistics system independently, familiar with process planning and design of the supply chain.

Remark: Salary can be negotiated face to face for those with excellent ability.


Department assistant 5000-10000

Job responsibilities:

  1. Make contract, quotation sheet, tender document and other materials, organization and archive management of department files and documents, assist in business negotiation, order signing if necessary, and assist in the communication and follow-up of overseas orders.

  2. Assist department leader in making and improving standards and process related to department work, and make sure the implementation.  

  3. Host and organize meetings, and make relevant meeting arrangement, speech manuscript writing and meeting records.

  4. Assist department head in building department team, carry out head's management decision on the department.

  5. Familiar with and master company brand philosophy and product knowledge, ensure brand protection and product promotion.

  6. Assist department head in summary, analysis and report of work results.

  7. Collect, organize and analyze performance data of department personnel.

  8. Assist in completing other works assigned by the department manager.


Job requirements:

  1. 22-35 years old, college or above education background.

  2. More than 2 years of relevant working experience.

  3. Familiar with forms,  Excel, Word, Powerpoint and other relevant office software, and it would be better if knowing about the ERP system.

  4. Positive, responsible, strong pressure resistance ability, obey the superior management, obey company rules and regulations, good professional ethics.

  5. Clean appearance and good temperament, interpersonal communication skills, organization and coordination ability, initiative and executive force, learning ability, ability to analyze and solve the problem.

  6. Foreign trade experience, English listening and speaking ability.

Management trainee 4000-6000

Job requirements:

  1. Mechanical design manufacturing and automation, electrical automation and other related majors.

  2. Willing to work from a basic level, hard-working.

  3. Good learning ability, innovation mind.


Job description:

  1. The internship period is 6 months, and during the internship, you will be arranged for job rotation or fixed-job cultivating in the production department.

  2. After the internship period ends and you pass the assessment, you will be appointed internally as an assistant mechanical engineer, assistant electrical engineer, production foreman, project merchandiser, etc.


Career development planning

Technology route: management trainee→assistant engineer→junior engineer→intermediate/senior engineer→technology director


Project management route: management trainee→project merchandiser→project supervisor→project manager→project operation director


Function management route: management trainee→department assistant/clerk→department supervisor→department manager/director

System engineer 6000-8000

Job requirements:

  1. Science and engineering major, undergraduate or above education background, English reading and writing ability.

  2. More than 2 years of experience in quality system management of the medium or large enterprise, familiar with system standards and relevant manuals.

  3. Familiar with relevant knowledge of machinery and equipment manufacturing, hold an ISO9001 auditor certificate.

  4. Familiar with office application software, good communication and coordination ability, good writing and language expression ability, excellent service mind, strong material organization ability, strong planning and execution ability, enterprising and responsible, obey the arrangement.


Job responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for establishment, maintenance, optimization and training of company quality management system.

  2. Responsible for organizing and coordinating with external system certificate audits, make sure the company passes audit and ensure continued validity of the certificate.

  3. Assist superior supervisor in completing organization, planning and implementation of internal company audit and management review, ensure the effective conduct of internal company audit and management review.

  4. Responsible for formulating company daily auditing plan, and supervising the audit according to plan.

  5. Perfect company document control management and files management system, and supervise the implementation of relevant works.

  6. Complete other works assigned by superiors.


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