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Robotics Integration

The robotic integration companies mainly provides robot picking systems solutions to optimize the robotic process integration of supply chain. In the field of production logistics, the robotic system integrators provides robot automation solutions for the whole factory, including box palletizing, bag palletizing, AGV vehicles, and whole plant logistics engineering, etc. In the field of circulation logistics, it provides robot intelligent solutions, including robotic sorting system, order picking system, 3D vision intelligent de-palletizing, mixed palletizing, etc. And the robot welding integrator self-independently developed non-standard application solutions such as intelligent vision, software control system, and non-metal cutting robots, etc.

Product applicable industries:food and beverage industry, daily chemical industry, logistics industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, other industries

  • 2200


    The handling capacity of the Lisen Automation robot is 2200 (cycles/hour), top in its class.
  • 3


    The operating cost of laser cutting equipment is as low as 3 RMB/hour.
  • 12


    At present, we have provided high-quality solutions for 12 major industries.
  • 520


    Standard products can be delivered within 5 days, installed within 2 days, commissioned within 0 days and work stably.

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  • Robot picking system Robot picking system
  • Unloading and palletizing device Unloading and palletizing device
  • Standard palletizing unit Standard palletizing unit


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