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Day 2 of LET-a CeMAT ASIA event!

Day 2 of LET-a CeMAT ASIA event! Lisen Automation was interviewed by the IMRobotic


May 26 – the second day of 2021 China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition (Guangzhou) .

Everyone feels quite cool inside the exhibition complex while it’s hot outside. Although there is not more people than that on the first day of the exhibition, the small peak of visitors stream still comes constantly. The interview with Lisen Automation by the IMRobotic is the icing on the cake for exhibition visiting boom.



IMRobotic is a well-known comprehensive service platform for industrial robot in China. Its headquarter is located in Nanxiang Robot Industrial Park, Jiading District, Shanghai. This industrial park is built by the government in Jiading, where IMRobotic is operated, is also the public training base for industrial robot and highly skilled talents for Sino-Germany Industry 4.0, an industry cluster place as well.



IMRobotic interview


Today, the IMRobotic reporter specially visited the booth of Lisen Automation and had a live report. The deputy general manager Jeans Lee accepted the interview on behalf of the company. The reporter was very interested in Lisen exhibits, and Mr. Lee explained to her the characteristics of each of them: the robot mixed palletizing system is to meet the need for future small quantity and individual order;



The jacking handling AGV that coordinates to support de-palletizing operations, is already very mature in the SLAM laser navigation technology.



The digital platform of logistics system visualizes the production scenes demonstrated at the site one by one, including equipment, visitors volume, order planning, infrastructure, etc.; the ideal application scenario of the system digital platform in the future is that staff can fully know the equipment operation and logistics progress in workshop while sitting in front of computer.



As for the mobile collaborative robot, a human-machine interactive scene is designed, where the collaborative robot and AGV are equipped with brain and eyes, so the collaborative robot sends gifts to visitors, bringing a brand new intelligent experience to the people on site.



Mr. Lee said: What Lisen Automation presented at this exhibition is not only about products, but more about a real application scenario. Through the demonstration of the equipment, everyone can understand more clearly what kind of smart logistics solutions Lisen Automation can provide. The business structure of Lisen Automation is composed of four business units and an engineering technology center, including intelligent sorting, automated storage, robot integrated applications, mobile robots, visual technology, etc., capable of one-stop services from consulting, planning to installation and maintenance.



Lisen Automation is the company which entered into logistics automation field early in China and now becomes one of material handling experts. The reporter questioned company’s insights into the logistics industry.

With the rapid development of various industries in China such as e-commerce, online shopping, expressage, package distribution, Lisen Automation takes the chance of the fast growth of logistics equipment industry. According to the data information that the total volume of domestic parcels last year exceeds 70 billion pieces and the volume this year is forecasted to be over 100 billion pieces, Mr.Lee believes that the logistics industry in China currently is still at booming stage.Variety of logistics equipment and technologies are undergoing constant upgrading and iteration. Meanwhile, the deep integration of traditional logistics equipment industry and digital information technology must be the trend of future logistics equipment industry. Lisen Automation set up Shenzhen Lisen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. last year, it’s because we have great expectation for the value of the combination of logistics equipment and digital technology.



Before the end of interview, the reporter asked about the company's planning of future development strategy. Mr. Lee summarized: Dongguan is the birthplace of Lisen Automation, and many customers and upstream and downstream partners also locate in the South China region, thus the importance of market in this region is self-evident. In addition, the next step for the domestic market will focus on Central China. At present, Lisen Automation has been building a new factory of 20,000 square meters in Luohe City, Henan Province. Company’s products will mainly be produced and assembled here in the future. It will become the manufacturing base of Lisen Group. Last month, the Linying County People's Government of Luohe City, Shanghai Fanuc Robotics Co., Ltd. and Lisen Automation jointly signed a preparatory project for the construction of the Henan Food Industry Digital Manufacturing Innovation Center, planning to build the first national-level manufacturing innovation center in Central China, so as to promote the digital and intelligent development of the domestic food industry.



In terms of international market development, the next step will be to gradually establish overseas bases in Japan and Europe. Based in South China, open up central China, and go out of China. Strive to strengthen the influence of Chinese brand in the global logistics industry.




Live talking

After interview, the reporter looked around the company’s exhibits again, and praised our high quality demonstration much. The mixed palletizer machine got the attention of customers from many famous brands, who came to consult Lisen technical engineers one after another, and even a whole team visited our booth for in-depth communication.


Booth No. 15, hall 10.1, area B

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