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What Functions Should Be Considered when Designing Warehousing Automation?

Warehouse automation is very common in our lives, so do you know what issues need to be considered when designing warehouse automation?

1. Warehousing automation equipment is very common in warehouses

The heavy weight stored in warehouse automation will seriously affect the floor of the warehouse and wear down the base of the equipment. Therefore, the design of the automated storage base must be reasonable, especially the bearing capacity. When designing an automated warehouse management system, you must consider the real needs and purposes of use.

Because the warehouse will use a lot of equipment and there will be a lot of people walking back and forth, we must pay attention to the anti-skid performance of the warehouse floor when designing. Only in this way can it meet the storage requirements of different goods and maximize the storage effect of the warehouse; when designing it, attention should be paid to the division of areas and scientific planning.

2. The functions of warehousing automation

The functions of warehousing automation include: automatic warehousing, inventory, pickup, delivery, and information processing. When receiving goods, various goods, materials or semi-finished products need to be received from the warehouse supply and then stored in the warehouse. In this process, it is necessary to provide transportation vehicles and pay attention to the use and operation of various equipment.

Inventory is a professional system that automatically stores items in a set location; pick-up is to take out the needed items from the warehouse shelves according to demand; the goods should be delivered to customers in accordance with regulations. The automated information processing of warehousing allows people to inquire about the relevant information of the warehouse at any time, and at the same time, they can view the information and report documents generated by various operations in a timely manner.


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