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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Large Supermarket

Large Supermarket Retail Industry Solutions

  • Community supermarket and convenience store become the new consumption favourite in the retail industry.

  • Large supermarkets are integrated and reorganized.

  • Shop online and pick by the door to door delivery, and supermarket automation system are very poplular now.

  • Intelligent and unified development trend.

  • Seasonal promotion peak.

  • Frequent delivery, a small number of goods.

  • The delivery cost goes up.

  • Foreign supermarkets seize the market with strong competitiveness.

  • Shortage of high-end configuration.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Large Supermarket

Lisen Automation Solutions

Big data, IoT(Internet of Things), AI, grocery automation and some other new technologies are getting more and more attention in the retail industry. Lisen Automation, as one of logistics automation companies, will assist you in building online and offline retail scenarios of the fully automated supermarket to meet the demand of customer on intelligent shopping, to promote the development of large supermarket retail and reduce production & management cost. You can make an automated grocery list before your shopping, which can save much time for you. Lisen Automation will serve you a automated grocery shopping and delivery experience wholeheartedly.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Large Supermarket

  • AGV/RGV system.

  • Reduce manual picking cost.

  • Automated loading/unloading solution.

  • Mixed case palletizing, piece picking, case picking, layer picking and other automatic picking solutions.

  • Supply system software management solution.

  • Standard conveyor solution.

  • Solution for a long time and high efficient working.

  • Outbound/inbound warehouse solution.

Automatic supermarket can truly make your life convenient.


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