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Laser Forklift AGV

AGV forklift and storage robot can effectively build a modern flexible production line, can effectively use space to save labor, and ultimately improve production efficiency. In the long run, the flexibility of laser forklift AGV is superior to that of manual operation, which can better develop the operation of automated warehouse. As we all know, many manufacturing enterprises have carried out flexible production line. 

Forklift laser alignment system is a system with complex technology and high automation. It organically combines microelectronics, computer and system engineering technology, which can effectively solve the contradiction between high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing. With the emergence of AGV forklift laser, the flexible production line has realized more humanization. When the product changes, the production line can change with the product with a little improvement or program adjustment, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

  • AGV Laser Forklift AGV
  • Laser Forklift AGV
  • Laser Forklift AGV
  • AGV Laser Forklift AGV
  • Laser Forklift AGV
  • Laser Forklift AGV

Specification of Laser Forklift AGV

Main parameters of laser forklift AGV

Drive mode

Steering wheel drive

Communication method


Guidance method

Laser guidance

Battery type

Ferrous lithium phosphate

Driving direction

Forward and backward, left and right turn, turn in circles

Fork size


Running speed

5km/h with full loading, 7km/h without loading

Loading weight


Positioning precision


Lifting height


Overall dimension


Min. turning radius


Power supply

24V,Lithium battery

Min. channel width in right-angle stacking


Charging method

Auto/manual charging

Climbing capacity

less than 3°

Safety protection

Safe contact + laser anti-collision + photoelectric anti-collision + e-stop button

Safety induction distance

0-5m adjustable

Braking method

Electromagnetic braking

Allowed groove width


Features and Advantage of Laser Forklift AGV


  • High precision: forklift laser light navigation technology, navigation accuracy ± 2mm, control accuracy ± 5mm.

  • Stable scheduling: high end core control system and intelligent algorithm are adopted.

  • Diversified structure: Based on rich car body, it can adopt transportable, stackable and forward moving AGV suitable for scene.

  • Precise Customization: customized solutions for customers with low cost and high efficiency.

  • Flexible and easy to use: The industrial mobile robot can achieve rapid deployment, no need for technical personnel operation, almost no environmental transformation.

  • Standard interface: integration with WMS / MES / SAP system

Advangtage :

  • AGV forklift equipment has high utilization rate, which can effectively save labor and improve production efficiency.

  • Laser forklift AGV can realize automatic lifting, automatic charging, 24 hours without stop work.

  • AGV forklift  is stable in driving, and can stop slowly when encountering obstacles. The laser obstacle detection sensor has an emergency braking distance of less than 20mm.

  • Laser forklift AGV is flexible and can be handled normally without the care of others.

  • AGV forklift capacity can be customized to meet the market needs.

Features and Advantage of Laser Forklift AGV

Application Industries of Laser Forklift AGV

  • Sorting

  • Logistics warehousing

  • Warehouse sorting

Application Scenarios of Laser Forklift AGV

AGV is widely used in production, logistics and storage of enterprise, applicable for various industries such as e-commerce, logistics, daily chemical, automobile, appliance, electronics, etc.

  • Round trip transportation in production line: AGV can fully automatically transport materials from warehouse to production assembly line to ensure the uninterrupted supply of the materials for assembly line, is the high efficient transportation bridge between warehouse and production line.

  • Sorting assembly application: instead of traditional transportation assembly mode, the AGV, not only an automated guided vehicle, also can be used as a handling platform of mobile assembly station to realize the automated sorting and distribution throughout the whole assembly process till finished product are assembled completely.

  • Pallet or warehousing shelves transportation: in manufacturing or logistics distribution center, AGV can work as warehousing shelve or pallet, to fully automatically move to specific arrival station.

  • Fully automatic loading and unloading: AGV can highly cooperate with palletizing robot to realize seamless connection of automatic loading and unloading function, to improve loading and unloading efficiency.

  • Other special environments: AGV can automatically handle some works under those special environments that are not suitable for human to produce or work, such as dust-free aseptic workshop, dark film warehouse, dangerous nuclear radiation places, etc., where AGV can transport unstable goods, and ship various grouped goods packed by pallet at any time.


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