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The 1st employee sports competition of Lisen Automation perfectly came to an end. Have a wonderful review on the super exciting special!

The 1st employee sports competition of Lisen Automation perfectly came to an end. Have a wonderful review on the super exciting special!

                                                                                            Cold winter is approaching but the enthusiasm is not diminished.

The vigorous 1st employee sports meeting of Lisen Automation

concluded successfully yesterday.


This eleven-day activity including 3 kinds of ball game,

fully shows the vigorous and positive spirit of Lisen people.

Share the joy of harvest, experience the fun of sports.

Let’s follow the camera

to review the wonderful moments of the competition.



The competition is composed of badminton, table tennis, and billiards the three kinds of ball games. Each game is played by four rounds: preliminary, quarter final, semi-final, final, and the competition system is one match elimination game and two out of three in one match. A total of 42 employees signed up to participate. Everyone has his power, who will win in the fight? Let’s unveil the result together.     

Badminton game

 On November 28, 2020, the badminton game of the 1st employee sports competition of Lisen Automatin kicked off in the badminton gym in Daning. This game includes men’s singles match and women’s singles match, which were simultaneously played on three sites in the gym.


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The referee, a handsome guy is patiently explaining the rules of game to the girls.


After a brief warm-up, the game officially began. The players played with great power, serving the ball like shooting a shell, whizzing through the net, with an accumulative strength.

You see, they jump up in the air and hit a smash, or kneel to catch the thrilling ball, sometimes play a circuitous tactic of near and far away. Masters play the tricks, and each of the tricks is exciting, attracting the exclamation from the audience. Sometimes a serve is played for several rounds, and the referee's eyes are almost lost. After the game, he joked that the game cured his many years of cervical spondylosis.

The players sweated and felt the joy of competition on the lively arena. After many rounds of fierce battle, in the men’s badminton competition, Zhang Yangyang won the championship, Dai Guohui won the second place and Liu Xiongwei won the third place. In the women’s badminton competition, Chen Xiushan won the championship, Luo Zhenzhu won the second place and Chen Yushan won the third place.



Table tennis game

In the evening of November 30, 2020, as the referee shouted “start”, the 1st employee sports competition of Lisen Automation entered into table tennis event. The players from both sides kicked off the game fiercely, and the small Ping-Pong shuttled back and forth on the table, which was dizzying.


The spin ball moved in arc magically, the skills for catching the ball were impressive, and even an inch of area was also an important battlefield. Not only did they want to be handsome in serving posture, but they also can make a feint to the East but attack in the west, beating the opponent off guard. The players were braved to fight for the game, and the wonderful game won cheers from the audience.


What is moving is that regardless of winning or losing in the competition, after the game, the players of both sides would have a friendly handshake and cheer up each other, which well demonstrated the sportsmanship of "friendship first, competition second"! After two nights of battle, Dai Guohui, Yao Qiqi and Du Hailei finally won the championship, second place and third place respectively in the table tennis game.  



Billiards game


The billiards game played in this week was no less fierce than the previous badminton and table tennis games.

The players were serious, fully concentrated, and went all out for every stroke. After observing the best hitting route from multiple directions, they leaned slightly, aimed precisely, and hit the hole with one shot, demonstrating their superb skills.

For the wonderful performance of their opponents, they also did not hesitate to praise, and acclaim each "Nice shot"!

In this billiards game, Lu Jian, the only woman who participated, competed against the men, overcame the difficulties and won the third place. The women are no inferior to men, we must thumb up for her! The champion and runner-up were won by Chen Shouhai and Liao Ming respectively.


Looking back to the competition, the highlights pictures are still vivid, and many friends didn’t feel the ending and even wanted to continue! That’s no problem, we will satisfy you. On next Saturday, December 19th, the friendly basketball game is waiting for you to challenge. Registration deadline is this Saturday.

Come on! Baby!


The 1st employee sports meeting of Lisen Automation has successfully concluded.

Not only skills, but also friendship was expressed through the competition.

And the cohesion of Lisen was reflected as well.

Thanks to the hard work of support staff,

And we look forward to the next sports meeting coming.

Competition is not the target, and conclusion is not the end.

We can work with the competition spirits that always be brave to go for the top, be united and friendly, and move forward by such the power,

So as to create more glories.



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