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A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

According to the State Post Bureau, a total of 696 million express items were handled on Singles day this year, steadily rising and hitting a new record high.  The volume of express packages continues to climb every year,Automated sorting equipment assists modern logistics keep a large number of orders are in order!

A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

Let's meet some of these smart sorting geniuses

tilt-tray sorter:

A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

Sorting efficiency is 20800-41600pcs per hour (The efficiency varies from different kinds of sorter equipment and chute reuse rates) (The highest running speed is 1.3m/s, double layers are supportable and the highest theoretical efficiency of double layers sorter is 83200pcs per hour). Applicable for the sorting of parcels or products in Post, Express, E-commerce, Apparel & Footwear, Fresh food distribution and other industries; suitable for various block parcels with different sizes, shapes and natures, smaller than 500*400mm, excluding those round and easy-rolling or superlight ones; sorting weight range 20g-10kg. The tilt tray sorter manufacturers also provide perfect after-sale service.

steerable wheel sorter:

A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

The steerable wheel sorter uses multiple groups of independent rotating rollers and is arranged on each wheel diverter at one time, featuring with flexible steering and low cost. The steerable wheel sorter is an ideal choice for medium and small sorting speed requirements. The steerable wheel sorter is mainly used for matrix sorting of large, small, general and soft packages in the postal and express industry, including cardboard boxes, plastic frames and other hard packaging products.

DWS sorting system:

A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

This is the key weapon for the package to know where it is going. It is mainly used at the warehousing and shipping end. It can automatically read the code, weigh and measure the volume, and has its own identification data function  

Narrow belt sorter:

A Large Number of Orders Were in Good Order

Narrow belt sorter is a belt conveyor composed of several narrow belts with equal spacing. Narrow conveyor is mainly used for sorting goods in warehousing, intralogistics, express, e-commerce and other industries. Narrow roller conveyors can handle large and small pieces such as cartons, flexible packaging, bag packaging, envelopes, as well as beverage and fragile items.

In addition to the above sorter, lishen has more than ten different types of sorting equipment, customer demand as the core, professional to create a variety of scenarios of intelligent logistics solutions.  Up to now, Lishen has served many express companies, including industrial giants such as Post, SF Express and Cainiao, helping customers to upgrade their automation.


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