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Laser Navigation AGV

Agv laser navigation is independently developed and manufactured by Liseng intelligent. The AGV is equipped with a rotatable laser scanner, and a laser positioning mark with high reflective reflector is installed on the wall or pillar along the running path. The agv laser navigation uses the laser scanner to launch the laser beam, and then receives the laser beam reflected from the four positioning marks. The vehicle computer calculates the current position and direction of the vehicle movement , through the comparison with the built-in digital map to correct the orientation, thus realizing automatic handling.

  • AGV Laser Navigation
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • AGV Laser Navigation
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV
  • Laser Navigation AGV

Specification of Laser Navigation AGV

Main parameters of laser guided AGV

Drive mode

Differential drive

Communication method


Guidance method

SLAM laser guidance

Battery type

Ferrous lithium phosphate

Driving direction

Forward and backward, turn around, turn in circles

Battery capacity


Running speed


Battery service time


Positioning precision


Loading capacity


Overall dimension


AGV control method


Power supply

48V,Lithium battery

Braking method

Motor deceleration, electromagnetic braking

Charging method

Manual/ auto  charging

E-stop braking

Less than 15mm

Safety protection

Safe contact + laser anti-collision sensor+ e-stop button

Climbing capacity


Safety induction distance


Road level differential

±5mm,Asphalt ointment is advised for filling if more than 5mm.

Advantage of Laser Navigation AGV

  • High degree of automation

Agv laser navigation is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, magneto sensor, laser reflector, etc.

When auxiliary materials are needed in a certain link of the workshop, the staff will input relevant information to the computer terminal, and the computer terminal will send the information to the central control room, and the professional technicians will send instructions to the computer. With the cooperation of the electronic control equipment, this instruction will be finally received and executed by AGV - the auxiliary materials will be sent to the corresponding place.

  • Charging automation

When the AGV car is about to run out of power, it will send a request to the system for charging (general technicians will set a value in advance), and it will automatically go to the charging place to "queue up" for charging after the agv drive system allows.

In addition, the battery life of AGV car is very long (more than 2 years), and it can work about 4 hours every 15 minutes.

  • Improve enterprise image

AGV laser navigation is beautiful and high visibility so as to improve the image of the enterprise.

  • Convenient, reduce floor space

AGV car in production workshop can shuttle back and forth in each workshop.

Advantage of Laser Navigation AGV

Application of Laser Navigation AGV

  • Warehousing

Storage industry is the earliest place for AGV application. The mobile manipulator robot is used to realize the automatic handling of goods in and out of warehouse.

  • Manufacturing

Agv laser navigation is a great master in various types of bulk material handling equipment, and it can carry out material handling efficiently, accurately and flexibly. And it can be composed of multiple AGV flexible logistics handling system. The transportation route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of production process, so that a production line can produce more than ten products, which greatly improves the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of enterprises. In recent years, as the basic transport tool of CIMS, AGV has been widely used in many industries, such as machining, household appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarette, etc.

  • Post office, library, port terminal and Airport

In post office, library, wharf and airport, the transportation of goods has the characteristics of large change of work volume, strong dynamic, frequent adjustment of operation process and single handling process. The parallel operation, automation, intelligence and flexibility of AGV can meet the requirements of the above-mentioned occasions.

  • Tobacco, medicine, food and chemical industry

The application of AGV laser navigation has been paid attention to in tobacco, medicine, food, chemical industry, which has special requirements of cleaning, safety and no emission pollution.

  • Hazardous places and special industries

In military, other detection and dismantling equipment based on AGV autopilot can be used for battlefield demining and position reconnaissance. In steel plants, AGV is used for charging, reducing the labor intensity of workers. In nuclear power plants and places where nuclear radiation is used for preservation and storage, AGV is used for the transportation of goods, avoiding dangerous radiation. In film and film warehouse, AGV can deliver materials and semi-finished products accurately and reliably in dark environment.


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