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Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Plastic Raw Material

Plastic Raw Material Industry Solutions

  • Plastic granule products are widely sold and in great market demand.

  • Because of environmental protection and low carbon trend, there is a huge development space for the recycling and processing of renewable plastic resources.

  • Strengthening of R&D and technology innovation.

  • Broad prospect in-car uses plastics.

  • 3D printing plastic materials are popular.

  • Development is towards lightweight, comfort and energy saving.

  • Product diversity and complexity.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Plastic Raw Material

Lisen Automation Solutions

Chemical industry plastic product is a collective name of daily necessities and industrial supplies that are made by processing main raw material plastic, including injection molding products, blister products, and all other processing products whose raw material is plastic. In terms of production and storage management, automated pallet warehouse is needed, certain technology content is required, and the industrial technical demand is increasingly high. Lisen Injection Molding Robot Automation provides high-end hardware and software facilities in warehousing and distribution for the customer, to help customer save labor costs, improve work efficiency, and eliminate redundancy of warehouse and distribution information.

Integrated Logistics Automation Solutions For Plastic Raw Material

  • Robotic picking system solution.

  • Robot autonomous moving and order picking solution.

  • Mixed palletizing software solution.

  • AGV control system.

  • Computer management system solution.

  • Robot automated palletizing system.

  • Robot order cache system.

  • 3D visual identity system.

  • Work in a smelly environment and environment which is not good for human.

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